· The first batch of "6-year exemption car" expires on Thursday and does not review 3 points


On September 1, 2014, the new regulations for “excluding inspections of non-operating cars and other vehicles within 6 years” were implemented. This has caused many car owners to avoid queuing and rushing, but since September 1 this year, the first batch of inspection-free vehicles will be 6 years old. , no longer enjoy the exemption treatment, you need to go online for inspection later.
What will happen after the overdue review?
6 years exemption inspection, 6 years of non-inspection
1. Vehicles that are inspected are not allowed to go on the road. After the vehicle is inspected, the driver will face a penalty of 300 yuan for a fine of 200 yuan. At the same time, the vehicle will be temporarily detained, and the vehicle owner can take the vehicle after the vehicle passes the annual inspection and obtains the annual inspection qualified mark.
2. If an accident occurs in the vehicle, the insurance company will refuse to pay. If the vehicle is overdue, it will not be inspected. After the accident, according to the disclaimer, the insurance company will refuse to pay for the commercial insurance coverage.
Non-operating cars and non-operating small and micro passenger cars within 3.6 years are inspected once every 2 years; the age is 6 (including 6 years) to 15 years, and the inspection is performed once a year; more than 15 years (including 15 Years), tested twice a year. For more than 20 years (including 20 years), it is inspected every 3 months.
The 6-year exemption policy does not mean that the car owners can take care of the car within 6 years, and only need to go online. Vehicles still need to go to the vehicle inspection station every 2 years for data review. The vehicle owner only needs to bring the required information and insurance during the validity period to monitor the point for the annual inspection. In the sixth year, you will need to go online for annual inspection.
Vehicles registered before August 31, 2010 are not subject to exemption.
Vehicles registered between September 1, 2010 (inclusive) and August 31, 2012 (inclusive) may be exempted from inspection once they have been inspected once (these vehicles are after September 1, 2016) Need to go online)
For vehicles registered after September 1, 2012 (inclusive), the policy of exemption from inspection twice may be applied;
Which models are subject to exemption policy Accidents are not processed and cannot be inspected annually<br style="PADDING-BOTTOM: 0px; MARGIN: 0px; PADDING-LEFT: 0px; PADDING-RIGHT: 0px; PADDING-TOP: 0px"> Vehicles not in the exemption At the time of the annual inspection, the vehicle must be on-line. Before the test, the owner is best to repair the problem of the vehicle in time. For example, the lamp, if the lamp cover wear affects the light transmittance and fails to meet the standard, it cannot pass the annual inspection. In addition, vehicle modifications, such as the modification of xenon headlights, tails and body stickers, will lead to annual inspections. Therefore, at the time of the annual inspection, the vehicle must maintain the relevant parameters and appearance of the new car. Before the vehicle is inspected, the exposure and accident must be disposed of, otherwise the annual inspection will not be passed. At the time of the annual inspection, you need to bring a strong insurance certificate and a tax or tax exemption certificate for the vehicle and vessel tax. At the same time, the vehicle can be inspected at different places, or it can be entrusted to someone else, but the agent must carry his ID card.
Non-operating cars (including large cars), non-operating small and micro passenger cars, of which vans, 7 and 7 vehicles are not exempt from inspection.
However, in the case of a vehicle that is exempt from inspection, if there is a traffic accident causing casualties, it shall be inspected once every two years in accordance with the original regulations within 6 years.

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