What are the inspection contents of the Gantry machining center?

If there is a problem with the gantry machining center, the most important thing is to do a comprehensive inspection to find out what the cause is, so as to solve the problem according to the reasons.

For example, there is a problem with the speed of the worktable of the Gantry machining center. The inspection contents are as follows:

1. If the forward and backward speed control handles of the gantry machining center are rotated to the right in the end, the speed cannot reach a, then the reason is: the forced class circuit is insufficient in pressure rejection and the voltage negative feedback is too strong.

2. Over-stress and over-reacting is often caused by an open circuit within 200-s,-F. The voltage between the original 200V-SY-F is less than half of the generator voltage, 200V-S,-F The voltage between the two points after the open circuit is basically equal to the generator voltage, which is an increase of 2 times on the original basis.

3. In the transition process, the overshoot of the Gantry machining center must pay attention to, in these processes, the speed is to rely on the maximum overshoot in the process is positioned as IF off, such as overshoot phenomenon occurs, then we must be appropriate to reduce Pressing just fine.

4. In the production process of the gantry machining center, after the phenomenon that the worktable is not moving, the reason is that the current is caused by the positive feedback. The more serious is the conversion of positive current feedback into negative feedback, which can cause the workbench to pull. Immobility. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully check the feedback level of its positive and negative levels so that when the speed is less than 10m/min, the rotation speed should not exceed 1 off after eating a knife.

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