Safety introduction of tanker semi-trailer

The tanker semi-trailer can be said to be a giant monster on the road. The huge engine is equipped with a powerful engine, and the dragging device is used to drive the oversized tank car at the back. This trailer structure is similar to that of a 6-wheel tractor. When reversing and turning, the requirements for the driver are very high and it is difficult to drive.


The tanker semi-trailer is composed of the rear tank body part and the traction part of the front front part. The general structure is almost the same. The rear tank body part has three axes and two axes due to the load and the body size. There is no 3-axis or more, so the body is too long, the body is too large, it is extremely inconvenient when turning, and the blind area of ​​the rear view increases, virtually increasing the risk of driving!

Tanker semi-trailer oil tanks are generally high-risk items, flammable, explosive, highly corrosive or polluting, chemical waste, different materials for transport, tank tank material is not the same. For example, if alcohol is transported, chemicals, and tanks are generally made of high-strength stainless steel, the thickness of 0.5 cm, hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, and highly alkaline or acidic corrosive liquids, generally made of plastic cans, cans The thickness is between 1 cm and 2 cm, and there are multiple layers inside the tank to prevent leakage, including safety devices such as high-pressure leak detection.

The safety of the tanker semi-trailer has always been a top priority. Not only is its huge body prone to blind spots, the loaded cargoes are high-risk items. Once an accident occurs, it will cause great harm to the surrounding people and the environment.


The safety maintenance of tanker trucks is equally important, not only for the regular inspection and maintenance of vehicle transmission systems, auxiliary systems and braking systems, but also for the tightness of the tanks and the accuracy and sensitivity of the tank safety inspection devices. Its careful inspection.

The driver’s requirements are more stringent. This is not just a huge bodywork truck. It is a “biochemical weapon” that is loaded with high-risk items. Due to its special way of dragging, it must pay attention to corners and lane changes. Other vehicles and pedestrians in the blind spot of sight avoid accidents.

In our daily life, whether it is driving or walking or riding, we must pay attention to the semi-trailer tanker. I am negative to my family for my family

600-800KG/h Production Line

600-800KG/h Production Line

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