Suspected disclosure of emission gate information to third parties


According to foreign media reports, the German financial regulatory agency last Friday (2017.11.10) said that it is investigating whether Volkswagen has illegally disclosed its emissions cheating information to third parties. Two years after the outbreak of the emissions scandal, the move has added to the legal troubles it faces. The German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (Bafin) is investigating the public because the latter was suspected of conducting insider trading in the case of emissions cheating. At the same time, Germany's Braunschweig prosecutor is investigating the public’s alleged price manipulation. This week, a German court ruled that it should choose to appoint an independent auditor to investigate the “emissions of cheating” by the public, which rekindled the hope of investor compensation.

On Friday, the "Der Spiegel" reported that on September 21, 2015, VW CEO Martin Winterkorn revealed to Alexander Dobrindt, the then German Minister of Communications, and the German KBA automobile regulatory agency, of the public's "emissions from diesel emissions" incident. severity.

However, Volkswagen did not announce until September 22, 2015 that 1100 million cars worldwide had installed emission cheating software, and the public would allocate billions of euros to deal with “diesel emissions scandals”. This software, which has been picked up by the US Environmental Protection Agency, can identify whether the car is in a detected state and then start it secretly during the car inspection, so that the car can pass “high environmental protection standards” during the inspection.

A BaFin spokesperson stated that it is conducting investigations into the public’s alleged unauthorized disclosure of internal information. The above remarks confirmed the report of Der Spiegel. Volkswagen declined to comment on the latest BaFin survey, but reiterated its view that the public management committee has followed and “timely fulfilled” relevant information disclosure specifications and obligations in the capital market. The German Ministry of Transport has not commented on this matter yet.

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