How to ensure safety in a rainy day driving a sedan

The van itself is a means of transport, so no matter how to ensure safety is of primary importance, especially when driving on a rainy day. Because under the influence of the environment, it is more difficult to drive a box car in a rainy day than usual, so what kind of operation method should be used to ensure the safety of a rainy day driving a car?


1. No matter what you are in a hurry to drive a van in rainy weather is the same reason. Sometimes, some owners watched carefully when they were driving a van. However, on rainy days, everyone would think of hurrying to come back home. In fact, this feeling can all be understood, but it is not Everything can be taken care of. Because the road surface will be relatively slippery on rainy days, and the braking distance of the van will be longer, and the friction between the ground and the wheel will also be smaller, this time there is also a high incidence of traffic accidents. Therefore, in order not to delay the return home, driving the vehicle on a rainy day must slow down.


2. When a traffic accident is encountered under the influence of the weather, do not stop the brakes or slam the steering wheel. Under the influence of the road surface conditions, the movement range of the van is always larger than at other times. Many, under normal circumstances, as long as the brakes on a foot can hold it, but in the rain on the brakes after the slide will be very far, remember not to emergency brake. In the event of an emergency, it is best to use a point brake, and the strength of the steering wheel is also smaller.

3. The distance between the rainy-day driving compartment and the car must be a little bit farther, so that you can see more clearly the surrounding road conditions. If it is too close to the car, it will be splashed by the front of the vehicle. Affected their own traffic sight.

4. When the rain is large and especially large, the road area will be very serious. If there are more pedestrians and traffic on the roadside, it will be inevitable that the passers-by who run the fast car splashes will be involved. Muddy water. Here, we must also train the driver of the body-type sedan as well as the friends of the majority of drivers. Please drive in a civilized manner. When the water is severe, please reduce the speed of the vehicle.

5, the rainy day driving a car or a certain rules, try to drive straight, do not always change the line. Rainy days will feel a lot easier when controlling the steering wheel. As long as it is a light turn, don't think that you are a safe changer, and you may install it on the shoulder of the road. If this is the case, it is necessary to change the line, then the speed should be reduced first and then the turn signal will start to change.

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