Pumping rate at the eighth plant reduced continuously for 12 years

Pumping rate at the eighth plant reduced continuously for 12 years

A few days ago, the reporter learned from the Daqing Oil Production Plant that the pump rate of oil and water wells in the plant has been reduced by more than 30 percentage points over the past 12 years, from 47.6% in 2001 to 14.9% in 2013. The average pump inspection period is 805 days. More than 1800 days. The continuous decrease in the rate of pump inspection has ensured that the output of crude oil produced by the Eight Oil Plants has been rising year after year.

Reducing the rate of pump inspection in oil wells and prolonging the period of pump inspection are the basic measures for improving production. In recent years, the Eight Oil Production Plants have continued to strengthen the fine management, increase the related technology for the middle and deep oil wells in the surrounding oilfields, and scale the application.

Wu Gang, director of the engineering and technology brigade of the plant, told the reporter, “The well 481-1 is used as an example. This well has not been inspected for 60 months. The inspection period is 5 years, saving production and maintenance costs over 60,000 yuan. The rate is high and crude oil production is guaranteed."

The oil area under the jurisdiction of the No. 8 Oil Production Plant has the characteristics of deep well and poor physical properties of crude oil. If the pump fails, the oil well cannot be normally recovered, and it is necessary to check the pump. According to reports, the pump is connected to the sucker rod and the pumping tube, and the downhole working environment is very poor, which can easily cause the breakage of the rod and the tube, the loss of the tube, and the loss of the pump, namely “double break” and “double leak”.

In response to these two problems, the technicians analyzed the weak points of the bar system, improved and strengthened it, reduced the occurrence of bar broken operation wells, optimized the bar uprighting technology, reduced the eccentric wear of bars and pipes, and applied the combination tubing technology and tubing anchors. Definite technology has improved the safety level of the pipe string, improved the working status, and reduced the occurrence of pipe breaking operation wells. At the same time, they strengthened the ball and seat hardness testing of Verr, promoted the use of solid wax guards and scale inhibitors, and formed a distinctive “double-break” and “double-leakage” treatment technology for peripheral low-yielding medium and deep oil wells.

Management is the guarantee of the implementation of technical measures. This plant implements objective management of oil wells, disaggregates indicators, defines the responsibilities of the management department, engineering technology team, oil mining and team, and implements the entire process tracking of the team management personnel during the operation process. The plant and technical departments manage Random checks of personnel to ensure the quality of construction work.

In addition, the eighth oil production plant has implemented the entire process supervision system for the wells, reducing the overall rate of rework. When compiling the work plan, the process string and construction process should be optimized, and the downhole tools should be strictly accepted into the factory and issued.

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