EU develops all-polymer solar collector

China Drying Network The European POLYSOL R&D team, which is funded by the European Union's seventh R&D framework program and participated in by several member states, recently developed an all-polymer solar collector. Due to the lower raw material prices and production process costs of the polymer, the study is expected to significantly reduce the initial capital investment for solar collectors.

The design concept of the all-polymer solar thermal collector complies with the EU's strategic requirements for reducing dependence on fossil fuels and promoting environmental protection, and the cost is low. At present, it has entered the stage of commercial development.

According to reports, the main achievements of the POLYSOL research team are: First, the use of polycarbonate as a polymer solar light absorption material, through repeated tests to confirm the two polymers as the heat sink adsorption chamber, its performance is better than ABS; Second, the successful development Selective physical vapor deposition (PVD) coating technology applied to polymer sorbents. The coating technology has high heat-resistant temperature and high thermal conductivity. The third is 85% coating material source. Regeneration of mixed waste polymers will greatly reduce production costs. Fourth, three different types of heat-absorbing and conducting channels are designed to meet the pressure drop and heat transfer performance requirements. Fifth, the contour design of the device is optimized to directly increase its production. Assembly speed, simplicity, and related costs.

The European Union is the world leader in solar heating technology, but due to high early capital investment, the sales and use of related products are not ideal. For this reason, EU scientists hope to develop solar collectors with lower cost and increase their market usage.

Belt Conveyor is the most ideal efficient continuous transportation equipment for coal mines. Compared with other transportation equipment(such as locomotives), it has the advantages of long transmission distance, large traffic volume, and continuous transportation, and it is reliable to operate, and it is easy to achieve automation and centralized control. Especially for high-yield and high-efficiency mines, belt conveyor has become a key equipment for coal mining electromechanical integration technology and equipment.
     The main feature of the belt conveyor is that the fuselage can be easily telescopic. There is a storage tank. The tail can be elongated or shortened with the Advancement of the coal mining surface. The structure is compact and can be laid without foundation. The frame is light and easy to dismantle. When the transmission capacity and distance are large, the intermediate drive device can be used to meet the requirements. According to the requirements of the transportation process, it can be transported on a single machine, or it can be combined into a horizontal or inclined transportation system to transport materials.
     Belt conveyor is widely used in metallurgy, coal, transportation, hydropower, chemical industry and other departments because it has the advantages of large transportation, simple structure, convenient maintenance, low cost, and strong versatility.
    Belt conveyor is also used in building materials, electricity, light industry, grain, ports, ships and other departments.


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