China Pump Industry Development Status and Prospects

China Pump Industry Development Status and Prospects

During the Eleventh Five-Year Plan period, the scale of investment in China's water conservancy projects was 462.8 billion yuan, of which, the investment proportion of key water conservancy projects exceeded 50%. Moreover, since 2004, the average annual growth rate of the pump industry has remained at around 20%. The pump industry is a typical investment-driven industry. Market demand is greatly influenced by the country’s macroeconomic policies, especially the macroeconomic policies of the water conservancy, construction, and energy industries.

With the continuous advancement of technology, pump products will certainly develop in the direction of intelligence, can monitor parameters such as pressure, flow, temperature and vibration; can evaluate the shaft, bearing and sealing condition of the pump; and can explain the cause of the failure. For diagnosis, etc.

The technical development of the magnetic pump and diaphragm pump industry will be concentrated in designing electronic regulating systems, improving drive devices and seeking new materials.

According to the "Analysis Report on Market Demand and Investment Planning for China's Agricultural Pump Industry from 2014 to 2018," published by the Industry Research Institute of Qianfeng, it is estimated that there will be nearly 40 billion market demands in the next three years and the market prospects are good. In the near future, China's pump and valve backbone enterprises will surely be able to catch up with and surpass foreign companies of the same type, contribute to the nationalization of major national technological equipment, occupy a certain share in the world's pump market competition, and become the world's pump valve manufacturing industry. Strong country.


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