Manufacturers talk about series resonance characteristics and advantages

Series resonance This series is mainly designed and manufactured for AC voltage withstand test of primary electrical equipment in 220KV and below substations. Transformer calibrator is simple, intuitive reading, rapid measurement, can reduce power consumption, reduce labor intensity; small size, light weight, easy to carry and on-site testing; transformer calibrator can work at 5% rated current test. According to the requirements of the regulations, transformers, GIS systems, SF6 switches, cables, bushings and other capacitive equipment can withstand AC withstand voltage test. It can not only meet the requirements of high voltage, low current equipment test conditions, but also meet the requirements of low voltage, high current equipment test conditions, has a wide scope of application, is the local, city, county high voltage test department and electric power installation, The test project unit ideal pressure equipment.

Series resonance is mainly composed of frequency conversion control power supply, excitation transformer, reactor and capacitive voltage divider. Among them, the frequency conversion control power adopts the imported special SPWM digital waveform generator chip, the frequency resolution is 16 bits, and the frequency fineness can reach 0.1Hz at 20-300Hz. At the same time, the orthogonal non-synchronized fixed carrier modulation method is used to ensure that The output waveform is good throughout the frequency range; advanced IPM modules are used in the power section to ensure the stability and safety of the instrument.

The main features:

Compared with similar domestic products, this series of devices has several key advantages:

1, the same voltage level, the same capacity of the reactor is smaller, lighter weight; temperature rise at the rated load is small; using dry epoxy casting, high mechanical strength, electrical insulation performance, beautiful and reliable.

2. Frequency control source capacity margin is large; protection function is strong; output waveform is good; stability is good; with a variety of work modes, easy to operate; use 220V or 380V single-phase power, convenient on-site power.

3, configuration flexibility. Optional different types of reactors to meet the requirements of different samples, to achieve a multi-purpose machine, cost-effective.

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It is mainly used for grinding the inner holes of the inner rings of ball bearing, conical bearing and cylindrical roller bearing, and also for grinding the raceway of the outer rings of conical bearing and cylindrical roller bearing. It is suitable for mass production of bearing.

Main features of machine tools:

1. In-cut oscillation grinding process, single-pole electromagnetic centerless fixture, stable and reliable workpiece positioning.

2, table and feed guide rail are cross  guide rail, good rigidity, small friction coefficient.

3, high rigidity sleeve type workpiece shaft, the internal use of spring pre-tightening, precision retention is good.

4. Fork-type double measuring point measuring instrument, accurate measurement, durable.

5, the workpiece motor and grinding head motor are variable frequency speed regulation, easy to achieve stepless adjustable motor speed.

6. Mitsubishi PLC and 10 "touch screen are adopted in the electrical system.The machine tool has self - diagnosis function and human - machine interface.

7, the use of fully closed shell, beautiful appearance, while fully considering the convenience of loading and unloading workpieces and adjustment and maintenance.

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