How to maintain the normal use of idlers

How to increase the service life of the idler in the daily use of the idler, today we will carry out an interpretation of one of the elements:

One, V-shaped forward tilt bracket idler damage is also relatively fast: V-shaped front bracket on the installation of the roller, and the tape is always running in friction, although the forward angle is very small, but according to practice observation, tube The amount of body wear is about twice that of the support roller on the fixed bracket, and the service life is naturally lower by about one time. The solution is the same as aligning brackets. When adjusting the belt conveyor again, it must reach the state that the aligning bracket does not work during no-load operation. It is also possible not to install a forward tilt bracket.

Second, there are two reasons for the short-term damage of the buffer roller: 1. Due to the large dust at the blanking point, the bearing of the buffer roller can be easily contaminated and cause damage to the bearing. 2. The buffer rubber ring is basically made of recycled rubber. The production is not only poor in elasticity, but also wear resistance, tear resistance, and aging resistance are all very poor. When the impact force is small, the service life is only about 1 year. When the impact force is large, it will break off in ten days, on the tape. Serious injury. In the case of helplessness, many belt conveyors began to use expensive cushioning beds. At present, two key problems have been solved by the company: 1. The new labyrinth seal ensures that the bearings will never be contaminated and the bearing life reaches more than 100,000 hours. 2. The apron will be replaced with the rubber of the automobile tires, with outstanding wear resistance and impact resistance. The comprehensive properties such as tear resistance, aging resistance and high elasticity increase the service life of the buffer roller by 20 times and 10 times the economic efficiency of the buffer bed.

Third, the roller is buried in the material caused by damage: After the band conveyor appeared to spread the material, can not be promptly cleaned, the roller is buried in the material to run, the friction between the material and the roller to greatly increase the resistance, Causes the roller body and the belt to accelerate wear; the roller end surface of the particulate material will also grind the seal ring of the roller and then contaminate the bearing and cause abnormal damage. Timely cleaning up spilled material can not hinder the normal rotation of the idler.

Fourth, soaking in the water damaged roller: roller labyrinth seal is no contact seal, soaked in water, the pipe inside and outside the formation of pressure difference. Water will emulsify the grease in the seal chamber and enter along the gap, damaging the bearing. Therefore, we must understand that the dust-proof roller is not allowed to be soaked in water. If the environment cannot prevent the roller from soaking in water, the roller bearing can no longer be used. The replacement of the non-metallic sliding bearing is best.

Fifth, the bracket deformation caused by the roller body wear through: due to the wrong choice of materials or cutting corners, can not meet the design requirements, the stent is not rigid, the idler resistance is too large or accidents and other reasons caused by deformation of the bracket, roller and tape Between the vertical and horizontal movements, not only the wear of the pipe body and the tape was serious, but also the resistance increased and the energy loss increased. Replace the qualified bracket.

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