Consume washing car to show their abilities

Seeing this special car, I believe that many people dream of owning one, so that we can save the trouble of washing the clothes every day! Although there is a washing machine, I still feel that I can't compare with the washing machine . At present, this type of washing machine is dedicated to soldiers in the disaster area!


Yushu Earthquake Rescue Forces Eight field combat washing trucks were in use, allowing officers and soldiers of the earthquake relief team to wear clean clothes. Since the earthquake relief force entered the disaster area, many officers and soldiers had never washed their clothes. In order to allow the officers and men to change their clothes in time, the high-altitude field battle was taken. A field washing machine can wash 50 sets of training clothes once, and it takes only one hour from washing to drying. Taking into account the application of field conditions, this field washing machine was designed to use a water recycling system. The water consumption per wash is less than 1 cubic meter, and 50% of the water can be recycled, greatly improving the water utilization rate!

In the earthquake-stricken area in the Songshan earthquake area, the Joint Logistics Department of the Chengdu Military Area Command organized two field-clothed washing trucks to set up a field-clothing washing station in the earthquake-stricken area of ​​Lushan County to serve officers and soldiers of disaster-relief forces and the people in the disaster-stricken areas, washing clothes and clothing. Each field washing machine was set to wash, disinfect, and dry one body. 40 kilograms of clothes (about 40 sets of camouflage clothing) can be washed at one time, and clothes can be taken after 2 hours. Greatly facilitated the disaster area military and civilian.

So what kind of advantages of this car wash clothing it?

1. Do not look like a big man, in fact, the weight of the washing equipment on the body is very light, and the washing volume is large, the washing process will automatically handle; 2. The washing machine uses a flexible design of the suspension structure, the noise is small, the volume is relatively large; 3. The clothes dryer adopts hot air recirculation technology to reuse 67-70% hot air, specifically designing anti-winding and anti-wrinkling technology, and the drying effect is ideal. 4. Washing and drying simultaneously, saving water and energy.

The wash trucks are mainly used in disaster-stricken areas and other places. They are also equivalent to the top leaders of the fighters and can also help the people in the disaster area to clean their clothes. It is rare in life!

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