The basic knowledge of the car three water and five oil

There is an old saying about cars: It is easy to buy a car. It is difficult to raise a car. The annual maintenance cost of a car is a big part. Especially when the price of oil is growing all the time, everyone is more troubled, but if you maintain the car well, you can not only reduce fuel consumption. At the same time, it can reduce the probability of car failure, and can save a lot of money for the owner, which shows the importance of car maintenance. Today, will introduce you to the basic common sense of the car's three waters and five oils . This is also a relatively basic maintenance.



1, glass water


Add a little windshield cleaner, and the result of washing the windshield with water is not very good. Do not mix the detergent with water. Small foreign matter in the water will block the system, and the water will break the reservoir after freezing.

When the weather is very cold, the clean liquid can be filled up, and the remaining space is reserved for expansion when icing, to avoid damage to the reservoir.

2, battery water

Although some batteries do not need to add water, in the hot summer areas, the battery water evaporates faster. When the battery water is not enough, it must be added with distilled water. Therefore, more tests should be conducted in the summer to prevent battery life from falling due to too little battery water. When approaching the battery, do not apply matches to avoid explosions. If you need to illuminate the engine room, you should apply a flashlight. If the car is not applied with water-free batteries, it must be checked whether the battery water is sufficient. If it is not enough, it must be carefully increased.

3, cooling water

The anti-freezing liquid is added to the water in the water tank to add the anti-freezing liquid to make the water of the water tank into a mixed solution, so as to achieve the function of lowering the freezing point, it is difficult to freeze; at the same time, its boiling point is relatively increased, and in summer, the water evaporation of the water tank can be lowered. Strengthen the results of the cooling engine. In addition, the antifreeze solution has anti-corrosion function, which can avoid the corrosion of the water tank and also the function of lubricating the water pump bearing. When the engine and water tank are too hot, removing the water tank cover may cause steam and antifreeze to be ejected, so avoid opening the water tank cover at this time.

Five oils:


1, how to test the oil

Pull out the oil gauge every few days, wipe it clean, then insert it, and then pull it out. See if the oil level is high between the upper and lower limits. Generally speaking, the oil consumption is not serious enough to survive the period between the two maintenance. If it is found in daily inspection, there is impurity or gasoline smell in the oil, and the smoke is light blue, indicating that the engine has a problem. Parts may be abnormally worn and should be repaired as soon as possible.

2, how to detect the direction of the engine oil


When the engine cools down, wipe the fuel filler cap and the top of the oil reservoir clean, then unscrew the oil cap from the direction, and wipe the oil dipstick with a fiber-free cleaning paper towel, then lock it again, lock it and then open the extraction test. The oil level of the dipstick. To refill or replace the oil, the correct power direction oil must be applied. If improperly applied, the steering machine will be damaged.

3, how to detect brake oil

Open the hood and look at the liquid level of the brake oil can, no less than the lower limit. When the level of the brake fluid level is not detected, the brake oil should not be added to avoid excessive increase, and the brake oil is sprayed to the high temperature engine, causing the parts to corrode or even incinerate. If there is a bubble in the brake oil, or the oil becomes dirty, it means that the brake oil has deteriorated. Please replace it as soon as possible to avoid the boiling point of the brake oil from falling to the bubble, causing the brake to deteriorate, which is very dangerous.

4, how to detect gasoline

Diligently looking at the oil meter is not the case. Do not let the oil meter refuel. The new car uses an electric gasoline pump rod and a fuel electronic sensor, so be careful to let it soak in the gasoline to dissipate heat. In addition, the amount of oil is too low, and may affect the oxygen sensor of the exhaust system. These parts are not cheap, so it is forbidden to go beyond the bottom line to refuel.

5, how to detect transmission oil

When replacing engine oil, you can check the transmission oil by the way. In order to measure accurately, the car must be discharged into the neutral gear P, run at idle speed, and park the car in a flat place, and the oil must run to the working temperature of 80 ° C ~ 93 ° C. Too much or too little oil may damage the gearbox. Too much oil may cause the running resistance of the machine to be too great, or cause the transmission oil to foam and deteriorate, resulting in abnormal loss of the machine. Therefore, when you detect the transmission oil, be sure to measure accurately.

These are the basic common sense of the car, three water and five oils that has compiled for you. I hope it will help you. Developing good car habits can not only increase the life of the car, but also greatly reduce the funds for car maintenance. The price of oil makes us unable to decide, but good driving habits can be changed. Only by properly maintaining the car can it be Better serve us and reduce the occurrence of failures.

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