Guangzhou Packing Machine/Packing Machine/DZ-600-4S Double Room Vacuum Packing Machine

Product Description: Double chamber vacuum packaging is to use a vacuum cover to work alternately on two vacuum chambers, so as to achieve the effect of improving work efficiency. When one vacuum chamber is in the vacuum chamber, the other vacuum chamber can display the packaging; Applicable to product packaging of large-scale production enterprises, Spark vacuum pump developed by Spark owns a powerful vacuum pumping capacity. The size of the vacuum chamber in the table is a standard size. If customers have special requirements, we can customize it according to customer requirements. Technical features: 1. Control system: computer control panel, there are a variety of control methods for customers to choose 2. Vacuum pump: strict quality inspection system to ensure the safe and stable operation of the heart of the vacuum machine 3. Vacuum cover hinge: special vacuum cover labor-saving The hinge device greatly reduces the worker's labor intensity in daily work and is easier to deal with. 4. Body Material: The vacuum machine main structural materials are all made of 304 stainless steel, which ensures the appearance of the appearance and the corrosion protection when used under strong corrosion and harsh environments. Function 5. V-shaped sealing strip: The V-shaped vacuum chamber sealing strip made of high-density material ensures the sealing of the machine in daily work. The pressure resistance and wear resistance of the material extend the service life of the sealing strip and reduces the replacement. Times, lower production costs 6. Heavy-duty mobile casters (with brakes): Heavy-duty mobile castors (with brakes) equipped by Starfire Company are highly load-bearing, making it easier for the customer to move the machine position. The firm brakes ensure the machine works. Stability at the time. Scope of application: Suitable for vacuum packaging of large-scale production enterprises pouch items, such as: vacuum packaging of meat, pickled salt products, aquatic products, seafood, vegetables, agricultural and sideline products, preserved fruit, grain, bean products, medicines, electrical appliances, etc. Technical parameters: Model (mm) DZ-600-4S Machine size (mm) 1450 × 750 × 990 Vacuum chamber size (mm) 710 × 585 × 35 (+50) Effective heat seal size (mm) 600 × 8-4 vacuum pump (m3/h) 20×3 Motor power (kw) 0.9×3 Voltage (V) 380 Frequency (Hz) 50 Working cycle (times/min) 4 Gross weight (kg) 315 Net weight (kg) 273 Carton size (mm) 1550×850×1180 Weighing Powder Packaging Machine<>/czsfjbzjd.htm Hotpot Packaging Machine<>/hgdlbzj2.htm Hotpot Filling Machine<>/stgzj.html Automatic Condiment Packaging Machine<>/qzdtwpbzj .htm Sauce filling machine <>/jlgzjxin.htm Can sealing machine <>/xinfkj1.htm Filling and sealing machine of biological reagents <>/fkjxind.htm Tin can sealing machine <>/xinfkj2.htm Milk can sealing machine <> /zdfkj/qzdfkj/696.html Bottle Filling and Capping Machine <>/gzxgytj/gzxgytj/692.html Micro-filling Machine <>/zdgzj/wlgzj/ Filling and Capping Machine <>/gzxgytj/ Powder Filling machine <>/fjgzj/ Paste filling machine <>/gtgzj/ Filling and sealing machine <>/gzfkj/ Filling and sealing machine <>/gzfwj/ Filling line <>/gzscx/ Sauce filling machine <>/jlgzj/ Liquid Filling Machine <>/ytgzj/ Semi-automatic Filling Machine <>/bzdgzj/ Filling and Capping Machine <>/gz Xgytj/ micro-filling machine <>/pro/wlgzj/ automatic condiment filling machine <>/zdgzj/20160224964.html aluminum foil sealing machine <>/fkj/20160119960.html chili sauce filling machine <>/ljgzj / Automatic Powder Filling Machine<>/zdgzj/20151210955.html Weighing Filling Machine<>/czgzj/

Machining Copper

Copper conductive rate is very good,machining copper(including Machining Brass,machining bronze) is the use of CNC machining out, including turning, drilling, cutting, and screw teeth, etc.. Machining copper commonly used materials: copper, brass, bronze, beryllium copper. the surface treatment is generally silver plating, gold, some laser LOGO, we have a special inspection department to carry out inspection, and ensure that each size to meet the requirements of the drawings, including machining copper applied in various industries: household appliances, conductive slip ring, communications, medical equipment, industrial automation equipment.

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