What impact does low temperature have on cars?

During this period of time, temperatures are getting lower and lower, not only affecting our people but also affecting cars. What impact does the cold weather have on cars? When the temperature is low, some of the performance of the car will be affected. In order to drive safety, the owners must take appropriate preventive measures.


1. The braking performance of cold weather cars will be weakened. The cooling of the weather not only makes the road surface more slippery, but it also causes the brake fluid in the car to become thicker. To a certain extent, it will affect the normal use of the car brake system, resulting in inflexible braking. Therefore, be sure to check the car's braking system before driving in cold weather to ensure it is in good condition. At the same time, the distance between the front and rear vehicles should be appropriately increased during the driving process to prevent sudden braking of the front vehicle.

2, cold weather will affect the car's tire pressure, because the tire's tire pressure will change with the outside temperature changes. Too high or too low tire pressure can affect the life and performance of the tire. When the temperature drops, the tire pressure will have to be reduced accordingly, increasing the ground adhesion of the tire tread. At the same time, if the tire wears too much due to slippery floors, it must be replaced promptly.


3, cold windshield is easy to fog, when the weather is relatively cold, driving often encounter car temperature is higher than the outside temperature, and this temperature difference will lead to windshield fogging, affecting the line of sight. Especially in rainy days, this phenomenon is even more serious. Unclear lines of sight can easily cause traffic accidents. Therefore, we must pay attention to and know how to remove fog when driving in cold weather. If this happens, the driver can turn on the thermal air conditioner first, and then select the air-conditioner position of the glass blower so that the air can be evenly blown toward the glass, which can effectively mitigate the phenomenon that the fog obstructs the sight line.

4, do not blow the warm wind on the face of cold weather, long-time blowing warm air, the air inside the car will be very dry. Therefore, the outlet of the warm air must not be directly facing the human face, otherwise the harm to the skin will be great.

The above are the matters that need to be paid attention to by the small series for driving the car in cold weather. The weather is getting colder. In order to drive safely, the owners must pay more attention.

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