Construction Machinery Industry Runs Changsha as the “Capital of China's Power”

In February 2000, Changsha Economic and Technological Development Zone was approved by the State Council to become a national development zone.

This is a new starting point for Changsha Economic Development Zone to take off. At the beginning of the new century, the people of Changsha who dare to be the first to resolutely set off the banner of “building a strong city” and started a new journey of new industrialization. Today this strategic concept, combined with the power of “transformation,” has spawned a ministry-inspired industrial legend in Changsha Economic Development Zone!

Recently, the reporter went to the National Changsha Economic and Technological Development Zone to interview. From the “World Top 500” enterprises entering the district to the “giant” in the domestic growing industry, from the central enterprises that set up “China Rail Speed” to the GAC Fiat project that is in full swing, the reporter witnessed the changes brought about by “transformation”. .

Development is inseparable from far-sighted planning. The magic of “transformation” has promoted the rapid economic growth of the park. According to preliminary statistics, from January to August this year, Changsha Economic Development Zone has completed a gross industrial output value of RMB 60.1 billion, a year-on-year increase of 43.4%, an industrial and commercial taxation of RMB 3.55 billion, and a year-on-year increase of 55%. The major economic indicators have all remained above 40%. Growth rate. Among them, the two leading industries of construction machinery, automobiles, and parts and components accounted for more than 80% of the total industrial output value. Changsha Economic Development Zone is making every effort to create the dream of “the capital of China” with the “strength” and “speed” of the two leading industries.

Construction machinery approached 100 billion yuan in 2011

The "Capital of China's Construction Machinery" is showing its shape

The long river of time may sigh that over a dozen years are too short, and Changsha Economic Development Zone has only used the time of more than ten years. The power of “transition” has made the prototype of “Capital of China's Engineering Machinery” appear. Promote the development strategy of clusters, form an advantage area where construction machinery has international competitiveness, promote international development strategies, form competitive enterprises with international competitiveness in construction machinery, promote innovation alliance strategies, and form competitive products with international competitiveness for construction machinery. Industries, schools, research institutes, and user units form a strategic alliance of independent innovation and constantly optimize the product structure; and intensifying policy support to form a strategic place for the equipment manufacturing industry to attract domestic and foreign key resources.

As a gold cowboy in India, the Sany Group's decision makers are fully aware that "the future development potential of the Indian market will certainly not be small." The company established the Sanyin India branch in 2002 to take India as its stepping-stone country. The first overseas market. In December 2005, during the construction of the Empire State Building, the tallest building in Mumbai, the equipment manufacturers in India marked the “Sany HBT80C2118D” pumping machine continuously transporting concrete from the ground to a height of 215 meters. The "power" of the enterprises in Changsha Economic Development Zone, from which the Sany Group began to compete in the country of "Peacock" and the European and American engineering machinery giants.

In the expansion of foreign markets, Sany sensibly chose the “horizontal and vertical” strategy. After entering the Indian market, Sany successfully entered the markets of Germany, the United States, Brazil, Algeria and other countries. Since its establishment, it has had 30 subsidiaries. In the high-end countries of the world construction machinery, Sany has set up branches in the United States and Germany to combine the world's most advanced manufacturing processes, technologies, and the highest level of management to improve Sany’s manufacturing level, technology, quality, and brand status. In the crisis, we will absorb useful talents to improve the level of the three-in-one system.

The third one is one of the representatives of the Changsha Economic and Technological Development Zone that goes abroad. Sanlian Machine Co., Ltd. and Sanhe Machine Co., Ltd., which are located in a park, have taken advantage of their products to go abroad and win the trust of foreign customers. At this point, a group of companies such as Chang Tian Jiuwu, Hechang Machinery, Datang Construction Machinery, Tianli Engineering Machinery, and Xingbang Heavy Industry have all taken root in Changsha Economic Development Zone.

After the global financial crisis occurred, the Secretary of the Party Committee of the Changsha Economic and Technological Development Party Committee and the Secretary of the Changsha County Party Committee, Yang Shuwen, were keen to seize the opportunity to introduce central enterprises to settle in the park, further consolidate the development base of the Economic Development Zone and accelerate the progress of the park. In September 2008, China Railway Rail System Group Co., Ltd., a state-owned enterprise, settled in Changsha Economic and Technological Development Zone, and set up the “railway speed” that took less than one year from the signing of the contracted land to production, and concluded that Hunan could not produce extra large. The history of tunnel construction machinery. “China Railways settled in Changsha and successfully completed construction machinery products with independent intellectual property rights. It has become a new force in Changsha's construction machinery industry, adding a heavy weight to Changsha's “Capital of Construction Machinery in China.” When Jun Jun, president of the Machinery Industry Association, visited the Economic Development Zone in Changsha, he was evaluated.

In May 2010, Changsha Economic Development Zone Equipment Manufacturing (Engineering Machinery) Industry Base was approved by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and became one of the only two state-level engineering machinery demonstration bases in the country. With the recent signing of the project of China (Changsha) Construction Machinery Trade Show Center with a total investment of 6 billion yuan, Changsha Economic Development Zone will become the largest, most complete and fully-equipped enterprise in the world, covering all construction machinery industry scale enterprises in the world. The procurement headquarters base marks the Changsha version of the world's top "BMW Exhibition" for construction machinery. At present, the first batch of brand customers to be contracted include the global construction machinery giant Carter, Doosan Korea, Komatsu Japan and Hitachi, as well as well-known domestic companies such as Xugong and Longgong.

According to reports, the output value of the construction machinery industry in Changsha Economic Development Zone has now accounted for three-fifths of the whole province and one-seventh of the country's total output. The product involves 12 major categories, more than 100 subcategories, more than 400 models, accounting for 70% of the country's construction machinery products. In particular, the market value of the three listed companies such as Sany, China United, and Shanhe Intelligence exceeded the market value of two-thirds of the total listed companies in construction machinery in China. In 2009, the manufacturers of the Chinese construction machinery industry whose sales revenue exceeded RMB 10 billion were Xugong Group, Zoomlion, Sanyi Group and Liugong Group, among which Changsha Construction Machinery Enterprises accounted for half of the total. In the first half of this year, Zoomlion seized the opportunities for continued growth in the construction machinery industry, and achieved historical breakthroughs in sales growth of leading products such as truck cranes, construction cranes, concrete machinery, and environmental sanitation. Sany Heavy Industry continued to maintain its hot sales this year, with production and sales data reaching the highest level in the same period in history. Some products can basically complete sales last year. Sany Group's full-year goal for 2010 is to complete sales revenue of 50 billion yuan. From January to August of this year, the construction machinery industry in Changsha Economic Development Zone completed a total output value of 43.29 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 56.2%. It is estimated that the total output value of construction machinery industry in Changsha Economic Development Zone in 2011 will be close to 100 billion yuan.

Become one of the world's top 500 investment hubs in the world

"Butterfly effect" attracted 21 "World Top 500"

Recently, the Economic Development Zone of Hunan Province was eventually selected from the 30 candidate parks declared by Hunan Provincial Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment and organized by senior experts and scholars from the province and relevant department heads. In one fell swoop, the highest honor for this award was “Hunan’s Most Investment Value Demonstration Industrial Park”.

As the first unit to obtain the ISO quality and environmental system certification in the Hunan administrative organization, Changsha Economic Development Zone has introduced international standards for its management and management. This has provided clear, specific, and quantifiable responsibilities for each cadre, making the park management It has been upgraded and improved at a higher level.

The refinement of the service verified the excitement of the establishment of an international park in Changsha Economic Development Zone. In the new edition of the “Quality Management Manual”, the content details the requirements for all “government service” products from the completion of the project negotiation to the completion of the production process. The reporter opened the handbook, in which “the project's free agency code of conduct for all agencies” lists 12 work procedures. Each work program has put forward service content, quality and timeliness requirements, and each assessment result will be consistent with each of the cadres. The performance of the link is absolutely not ambiguous. “We must upgrade our work to a new height, not only to achieve the goal of improving standardized management, but also to bring the new look of the district’s cadres through the 'Review of Guan Biao'.” Changsha Economic Development Zone Management Committee Li Keming, director of the association, said. He believes that the excellent investment environment, efficient government services, and people-oriented work environment in the Economic Development Zone are the hard support for the park to become internationalized! In the overall assessment of the park's investment environment in June this year, the overall investment environment satisfaction rate rose. It was 4.17%, reaching 93.26%.

The quality connotation of the park environment continues to expand. A new LOGO was opened in Changsha Economic Development Zone this year. The new logo is based on a square with a yellow color. The middle part consists of the letters “C” and “P” combined into a silver-gray ellipse, and the lower row of English POWERCITY. The logo symbolizes “ The capital of China." The introduction of the new logo may seem to be a minor change in the eyes of the average person, but for Changsha Economic and Technological Development Area, it means a new concept of value and service concept. Because they have already recognized the core concept of “sharing, mutual benefit, and symbiosis” with the world, and all their efforts and practice are deducing the aspirations and pride of “not only contributing power” in the Economic Development Zone.

The father of chaos theory Lorenz put forward the "butterfly effect" theory: a butterfly in Brazil flaps its wings to change the air flow, and finally it may trigger a tornado in the United States.... The long-range strategy, high-quality investment environment, and refined services make the Changsha The "butterfly effect" in the open area has been expanded indefinitely. The park attracted international giants such as Bosch Automotive, Mitsubishi, Mitsui & Co., Sumitomo, U.S. Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Air-Chemical, and Italian Fiat to enter the Fortune 500. The Changsha Economic Development Zone has become the most concentrated among the Fortune 500 companies in Hunan Province. Investment in land. At the same time, it has become the best choice for domestic capital and private capital investment. In recent years, the park has attracted and nurtured nearly 500 companies and formed four major industries, namely construction machinery, automobiles and parts, as well as four major industries, including electronic information and home appliances, new materials, food and beverages, and light-print packaging. Clusters and vertical chained industrial clusters. Up to now, there are 18 listed companies, 50 companies with an annual output value of over 100 million yuan, and 8 companies with over 1 billion yuan. The total industrial output value is 4.5 billion yuan per square kilometer, and the tax revenue is 200 million yuan. This year is expected to complete industrial output value of 80 billion yuan, 100 billion yuan in industrial parks next year, and strive to spend about 3 years, in the development of space and total economic volume to create a Changsha Economic Development Zone.

At the inflection point of new history, in the development arena, the decision-makers of Changsha Economic and Technological Development Area will target the internationalization of the forerunners, and “investment internationalization, industrial internationalization, environmental internationalization, and internationalization of talents” will be heard. In attracting investment, it has newly introduced one or two of the world’s top 500 investment-based enterprises each year, and has introduced five projects worth US$10 million. In the development of the industry, the “6+1” industrial ecological chain was established to form a one-stop industrial system of design, R&D, production, support, transportation and marketing; the development of the “laboratory economy” was highlighted, and strategic emerging industries were developed. The development and development of four major industries, including electronic information, new energy and new materials, sustainable construction and modern service industries. In the ecological environment, it actively applied for the creation of the “China Human Settlements Environment Award” known as the “China Environmental Oscar” and promoted the creation of a “National Eco-industrial Demonstration Garden” in an orderly manner, creating a low-carbon park, and encouraging the development of circular economy and green economy. In the cultivation of talent, the implementation of the reward policy for the introduction of high-level talents. We will strive to add more than 3,000 overseas returnees and high-level talents to the park within five years.

Changsha became the country’s first and most complete vehicle manufacturing city

Build the "Hunan Automobile Industry Corridor" to take a substantial step

As a pillar industry, the auto industry's pull-up of upstream and downstream industries is 1:3. It is not difficult to understand why there are so many cities around the world that are doing car dreams. After years of development, from the perspective of the type of vehicle, Changsha Economic Development Zone and Xingsha District have become the country’s first fullest vehicle system manufacturing area. “Car Dream” has already taken off. At present, most vehicle manufacturers in Changsha gather in the Economic Development Zone of Changsha. Products include cars, off-road vehicles, light and heavy-duty trucks, special-purpose vehicles, passenger cars and other complete vehicle systems. They also have automobile engines, axles, and automotive electrical equipment. Automotive body, automotive molds, tires and other parts product design and manufacturing capabilities. With the entry of a large number of domestic automotive industry backbone enterprises such as Beiqi Foton, Guangzhou Automobile Changfeng, GAC Fiat, Shaanxi Automobile Group and Zhongtai Automobile, Changsha Motors is turning from a commercial vehicle to a passenger vehicle.

On April 19, 2010, Foton Motors Changsha signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement for 200,000 new base construction projects in the Economic Development Zone. The project has a total investment of 3.2 billion yuan, covers an area of ​​approximately 1,500 acres, and plans to build 100,000 new medium and heavy trucks. 100,000 light trucks, SUVs and pickup trucks will be produced and sold 300,000 vehicles. The GAC FIAT project that was introduced a few years ago was registered in March of this year and officially started construction at the end of April. The project has brought 14 parts and components companies, including five Fortune 500 companies, to settle in at the same time. On August 26, the Administrative Committee of Changsha Economic and Technological Development Zone and Guangzhou Automobile Fiat Co., Ltd. signed an agreement in Guangzhou and decided to form a joint promotion team for GAC Fiat Parts and Accessories Park to jointly promote the establishment of related parts and components companies in Changsha Economic Development Zone. The move marks the beginning of the start-up of a complete vehicle company in Changsha Economic Development Zone to promote the simultaneous development of parts and components companies, and to create a new pace for the “Hunan Automotive Industry Corridor”.

The economic development of the “Hunan Automotive Industry Corridor” in the Economic Development Zone of Changsha has undoubtedly also allowed auto parts companies at home and abroad to smell great business opportunities. On August 14, the Japan Sumitomo Tire Project was held at the signing ceremony of the Xingsha Industrial Base in Changsha Economic Development Zone. The Sumitomo Tire Project is the largest Japanese-funded project ever settled in Changsha Economic Development Zone. The project will invest US$300 million in the first phase and is expected to start production in July 2012. Two years later, the product of the Japanese Sumitomo Rubber Industry Co., Ltd. and the world famous tire brand “Dunlupu” will be rolled out in Changsha Economic Development Zone. The enterprises that have settled down in Changsha Economic Development Zone have increased investment and expanded production capacity. Bosch Automotive Components (Changsha) Co., Ltd. recently signed a new land agreement with the Changsha Economic Development Zone Management Committee to expand the production and R&D base of the Bosch Changsha plant.

From January to August of this year, the "wheels" of the automotive industry in Changsha Economic Development Zone turned faster, and the automobile manufacturing industry realized a total industrial output value of 6.83 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 12.9%. At present, the automotive industry in Changsha Economic Development Zone has owned more than 100 automakers and parts companies. The auto industry has become one of the two leading industries in the Economic Development Zone, initially forming the "Hunan Automobile Industry Corridor." It is estimated that by 2015, the total vehicle production capacity of Changsha will reach 1.2 million, and Changsha is expected to become a new segment of the Chinese automobile industry cluster.

Took the lead in implementing the park "quiet days" and "free zones"

"Learning and Service" has become a service company brand

After Changsha Economic Development Zone took the lead in launching the "Non-Serene Day" in Hunan Province, the society has caused doubts about "pro-business" or "impossessed business". However, the pace of service deepening in Changsha Economic Development Zone has not stopped because of this. This year, the Economic Development Zone Management Committee implements “learning and service”, emphasizing the “proactiveness, flexibility, and continuity” of services, eliminating development barriers and continuing to improve. service quality. With the implantation of these ideas, the development of the park can be described as the birds flying into the sky and fish swimming in the sea.

For "learning and service," Li Keming, director of the Economic Development Zone Management Committee in Changsha, explained: "We must make 'learning and service' an area of ​​the park's activity brand for enterprises to solve practical problems and solve difficult problems."

This is a shot taken by Director Li Keming on July 19th to lead the relevant person in charge of the Park Management Committee to hold a "learning and service" at Zoomlion Construction Crane Branch. At this meeting, the Administrative Committee took the initiative to come and listen to the opinions and suggestions of the company. At the meeting, the company worked hard on the difficulties and problems existing in the company's production and management of the land and the surrounding environment, and made an arrangement on how to solve the problem, and provided a time limit for implementation so that the company could really feel the “service”. The quality continues to increase. Since the “Learning and Services” campaign was launched, the agency officials went deep into the enterprise and took initiative to understand what the company wanted and expected. Each time the actual effect of “learning and service” activities is carried out, the management committee of the Kaifao District conducts supervision and implementation through the system of “meeting once a week, monthly dispatch, and commenting on a quarterly basis”, and incorporates the performance of each department into its performance. Assessment area.

In fact, service park enterprises are nothing more than intentionally changing their minds and empathizing. Changsha Economic Development Zone not only emphasizes service companies' “first-responsibility” and “responsiveness”, but also adopts the “learning and service” activities launched this year to adopt a “higher-than-thinking enterprise” and a higher level of active services. Not long ago, Changsha Economic Development Zone once again cleared up and simplifies the examination and approval matters. The time limit for approval of project admission and construction was greatly reduced from the original 177 working days to the current 40 working days, while the previous 172 filings were streamlined to 122, and took the lead in Hunan Province to achieve "no fees."

Patent applications increase by more than 20% every year

Park science and technology innovation "midwifery" intellectual property advantage enterprises

In recent days, good news came out of the national pilot demonstration work conference for cities and parks on intellectual property rights: among the newly-accepted collectives of 33 national cities and parks in the demonstration of intellectual property rights in pilot projects, the Changsha Economic Development Zone is the only winning unit in Hunan Province. This is the second time in the district that it has won the honor of “National Intellectual Property Pilot Demonstration Advanced Collective”.

The spark of scientific and technological innovation has become a trend in the past; a core technology has driven an industrial chain, and a laboratory has gathered to form an industrial park. This is the charm of the “laboratory economy”. The management committee shall effectively help intellectual property-advantageous enterprises to develop a "laboratory economy", transform their knowledge into technologies, create technologies through the creation of their own modern laboratories, and become the subject of independent innovation in the market, thereby enhancing their core competitiveness. . To this end, the Administrative Committee gives full play to the role of the public service platform. By increasing investment in special funds for science and technology, it actively establishes a cooperation platform between enterprises, universities, and research institutes to promote the integration of production, learning and research, and accelerate the transformation of scientific research results into the real economy. Focus on the establishment of public experimental platforms, public inspection platforms, public display platforms, and public trading platforms, so that the Economic Development Zone can not only face the society "sell products", but also have a group of companies specializing in "selling technology" and "selling standards." In the annual financial budget of the Management Committee, clear arrangements have been made for the payment of intellectual property services, which amounted to 5 million yuan in 2009. The management committee also prioritizes a special fund of 2 million yuan to start the establishment of a park platform for scientific and technological innovation knowledge services, laying a good foundation for the use of park patent information.

In recent years, the scientific and technological innovation results of parks with independent intellectual property rights have led Hunan Province, and patent applications have maintained a growth rate of over 20% each year. In particular, from January to June this year, the park applied for 754 patents, which exceeded the annual application in 2009. There were 301 authorized patents, of which 36 were invention patents, an increase of 78% and 125% respectively over the same period of last year. At the same time, a high increase in the number of patent applications, authorizations and authorizations was achieved. The enterprises with advantages in intellectual property rights in the Economic Development Zone of Changsha continue to emerge. Sany Heavy Industry has become a national intellectual property demonstration enterprise. Four companies, including Shanhe Intelligent and Qianshan Pharmaceutical Machinery, have become provincial Intellectual Property Advantage-Built Enterprises, autonomously cultivating three well-known Chinese trademarks and provincial famous trademarks. 15 pieces.

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