From January to April, Shaanxi Automobile Delong M3000 orders exceeded 3000 vehicles

Based on the quality of military vehicles and 44 years of wisdom, Sharon DeLong M3000 products are based on the unique research and development capabilities of the domestic gold industry chain, state-level enterprise technology centers and postdoctoral scientific research stations. A light-weight economical heavy truck is being created.

This car has four characteristics: low weight, low fuel consumption, high quality, high attendance, super protection, and super profitability. It is designed for high-speed load-bearing conditions by applying lightweight new materials such as special steels and plastics, relying on international leading intelligent vehicle simulation. , Analysis, testing and optimization of software and hardware platforms, so that the heavy truck to ensure a certain level of safety and light conditions, the vehicle structure design is more optimized and more reasonable, so as to achieve the perfect balance of vehicle weight, fuel efficiency and safety. With the help of the internationally advanced CRUISE software, the drive system has been newly optimized and matched with a large center-span transmission gearbox and a MAN single-stage drive axle. The attenuation of the power transmission of the vehicle has been greatly reduced, the power transmission efficiency has been increased by 30%, the fuel consumption has been reduced by 6% to 15%, and the competitiveness, technical competitiveness, and market coverage of Shaanxi Heavy Duty Truck in the standard transportation market have been improved. With the introduction of new DeLong M3000 heavy-duty trucks, the production and sales volume has grown rapidly. The previous April orders have exceeded 3,000, creating a miracle in the sales of new products in the Chinese automotive industry, and leading China's high efficiency logistics market for standard transport to a new level of value.

Emery Rice Whitener is a kind of abrasive type Rice Whitening Machine with air blowing system or air-sucking system used in the whitening stages of rice milling production line. It represents the best results as far as efficiency is concerned and the lowest index of rice breakage during whitening.

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1.Shelling brown rice to the embryo rice and bran;
2.Nano Far Infrared Materials,can prevent bacteriostatic,mildew;
3.Count by numerical control,easy operate,enjoy by yourself;
4.It is grinding,and it is doing. Fresh and nutritional,and fully activate the antioxidant;
5.Resolve the problem that brown rice is nutritional but it is not very common.

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Rice Whitener

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