Experts: The leading standard for the development of new energy vehicles is the advanced nature

A few days ago, the "British-China Advanced Engineering Summit" co-sponsored by the British Trade Administration and the China-Britain Business Council was held in Beijing. The representatives of China and the United Kingdom exchanged views on various technical issues in the fields of aerospace, automotive manufacturing, and electrical machinery. Zhang Xiaoji, executive vice president of the China Federation of Machinery Industry and president of the China Association of Automotive Engineers, said: "In the development of new energy vehicles in China, we must conscientiously do it step by step. The current problem is that there is no good grasp of technology. It's a bit of a rush."

He pointed out that the development of new energy vehicles is primarily to ensure advanced nature, no matter what kind of new energy vehicles, must be the upgrading of traditional cars, not lagging behind. At the same time, innovation is also indispensable. It must be technological innovation, not repetition. Especially in the area of ​​battery motors and power control systems, we must take the lead. For the current stage, the system is particularly worthy of attention. It is necessary to accelerate the technological upgrading and advancement of the entire industry, such as batteries, motors, advanced engine systems, and vehicle weight reduction. Finally, it is gradual. The replacement of one energy form with another forms of energy must be a smooth transition.

Professor Julia Elizabeth King, a member of the Royal Academy of Engineering, introduced the country’s specific practice of encouraging the development of electric vehicles. “The United Kingdom currently takes a variety of measures to encourage people to use electric vehicles. London, for example, exempts electric vehicles from the use of tax, other cities can use bus lines free of charge, there are some cities that do not have parking fees, etc.”

She said that from the current trial run, Britain will not be subject to any restrictions because of the schedule of electric cars, because most of the British people, the daily travel is basically about 25 miles, unless it is a vacation or other individual circumstances Only long-distance travel. The issue that people are most concerned about is price, and price is a limiting factor. For this reason, the British government introduced the purchase of low-emission electric vehicles at the beginning of this year, with a subsidy of 5,000 pounds per vehicle.

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