Beijing Traffic Committee says there is no shake number

The reporter recently learned from the Municipal Communications Commission that the “Beijing Relief Congestion Website” has opened a new column and published information on pursuing fraudulent car purchases. It reminded the public to apply for car purchases in a formal way, and must not listen to the lie that “it would cost money to go back to the door”. . In addition, the “Beijing Relief Congestion Website” also announced the office address and telephone number of the external office window of the 16 minibus index application district (county).

According to the data released by the minibus index management office, up to now, nearly 600,000 people have applied to participate in this month's car shake number, and the success rate dropped to 1:33.6. Due to the difficulty of winning the lottery, some 4S shops or individuals have used the public’s eagerness to acquire the psychology of car purchases, claiming that they can win the back door by spending money. Recently, Chaoyang police cracked down a fraud case named after the purchase of vehicles. The suspect Liu was detained.

The city minibus index management office stated that the Yaohao index of the Beijing minibus is openly, fairly and impartially under the supervision of the Municipal Supervision Bureau, the City Notary Office and the representatives of the applicants. Any person can obtain the indicator only through the shake. There are absolutely no special indicators, trading indicators, etc.

At the same time, the city minibus index management office reminded the general public that if they want to obtain the car index, they must apply for online registration by logging in to “Beijing Relief Congestion Website” (, or bring their personal certification materials to apply at the district’s external office window. You must not listen to the lie that "it takes a lot of money to go back to the door."

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