Analysis of fastener industry chain model in China

In 2011, the fastener industry in China has attracted worldwide attention. Under the circumstances of global economic integration, China's fasteners have a long way to go in order to better carry out industrial work. How to accelerate the pace of development, that is to say China's fastener companies have the opportunity to seize the market adjustment period, improve our product quality, strengthen our product development, and become stronger and bigger. At present, the development of the fastener industry has presented a trend of “tripleization” of clustering, information, and service, which is very favorable to the rapid development of the industry.

Clustering. That is, fastener enterprises are relatively concentrated in regions such as Guangdong, Wenzhou, Ningbo, Wenzhou, Jiaxing, Yongnian, Haiyan, Pearl River Delta, and Yangtze River Delta fastener production bases, and clustered together adjacent companies to the local fasteners association. Take the lead and win competitive advantage through continuous innovation. In the clustering of fastener products, private small and medium-sized enterprises with unique features play an important role. They rely on leading enterprises for OEM production. In a special field, both competition and cooperation form an industrial chain. Since 2008, the fastener industry has adopted strategic deployment adjustments, focusing on the origin of materials, reducing logistics, taking measures from the source of environmental protection, restructuring of raw materials, and pollution to form a streamlined production of logistics and material supply. Some related productions come together with companies.

Informatization. With the further expansion of the space and scope of competition in the fastener companies' market, the management thought of enterprise informatization as an effective way to use and manage the company's overall resources has followed. The use of ERP computer network system for enterprise logistics, capital flow, information flow integrated management, its core is to achieve the "supply chain" management. At present, the IT power of many small and medium-sized enterprises is insufficient, but enterprises are still fully considering the introduction of ERP systems and benefit from management. This is due to the addition of functions such as manufacturing, finance, and sales in the ERP system. It also adds human resources, after-sales service and quality feedback, equipment management, decision support, etc. to accurately grasp the pulse of market demand in real time, and supports corporate grouping. , Cross-border operations, its main purpose is to fully allocate and balance the resources of all aspects of the enterprise, suitable for global economic integration, diversified customer needs, shortened product production cycle, and fierce market competition. In the fierce market competition, the potential of the company is exerted in all directions so that the company can achieve better economic benefits. Judging from the characteristics of technological development, it is manifested as the fusion of technologies, integrating the advanced technologies of outstanding enterprises into the upgrading of their own enterprise technologies; from the perspective of product development characteristics, it appears as a high-strength fastener interface of ≥8.8 grades from low-grade products to medium-to-high-end products. integrated. From the perspective of business management, the quality of work, product quality, production management, and production progress have gradually entered the networking process.

Service. Today, the number of fastener companies is huge. The company considers everything from market research, product development or improvement, manufacturing, sales, and after-sales service to recycling, covering the entire life cycle of products and embodying all-round customer service. The spirit of serving the community. With the advent of a globalized economy, China's fastener companies in the “World Factory” are being or are about to be transformed into “service industries” and “information industries” in a certain sense.

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