Black stinky water governance living water cycle technology into a bright spot (a)

: The black-sodden water body is complicated in its formation. It is necessary to select suitable technologies and determine the combination mode according to the pollution reason of water bodies, the history of pollution, the degree of pollution, the different stages of treatment, and the environmental, climatic and hydraulic conditions. Therefore, in the practice of black-odor water treatment, it faces many technical problems.

What is the principle of applicability of urban black-odor water treatment technology? Why control-source pollution interception and urban planning and construction overall consideration? What is the living water recycling technology? What are the key points of exogenous emission reduction and endogenous pollution control?

There is no "universal" universal technology

Due to the complexity of formation, regional characteristics and the environmental conditions of the water body, the black-stinking water body will have a direct impact on the difficulty and quantity of treatment of the black-stinking water body. According to the pollution reason, the history of pollution, the degree of pollution and the different stages of treatment, Conditions, targeted selection of appropriate technologies and determine the combination of mode. Different governance techniques have different principles, different objects and their scope of application will be different, there is no "universal" universal technology. In this sense, the technology is not good or bad, only "applicable" and "not applicable" points.

In the black foul water governance practice, facing many technical problems. How to optimize and integrate the technology of black-odor water treatment? How to prevent the black-odor from rebounding after the treatment and keep the quality of the water body good and stable? Answer scientifically and objectively These problems have very important practical significance for the treatment of black-odor water bodies.

Experts believe that in the practice of black-odor water treatment, the limitations of objective understanding of technology and the applicability of knowledge of technology are equally important. In many cases, the limitations of understanding technology are even more important. In the practice of governance, there are many cases of ineffective governance due to insufficient understanding of the limitations of some technologies.

The main function of shore restoration is to improve the landscape effect, and its interception effect is very limited, often negligible.

In situ ecological purification, that is, planting flowers and grass in rivers and lakes has little effect and can not fundamentally solve the problem of water pollution. It can only play the role of icing on the cake. It is unrealistic and unscientific for aquatic plants to manage black-odor. In slightly polluted water, aquatic plants may play a certain role in water purification and maintenance. However, special attention should be paid to respecting the laws of nature and selecting aquatic plants rationally in the process of implementation. Consideration should be given to such factors as the affected area, seasonal impacts and plant harvesting .

In-situ coagulation treatment, that flocculant added to the water, etc., but the pollutants from the water transfer to the sediment, did not remove and remove pollutants. The technology of the treatment of dissolved organic matter and nitrogen tend to be very limited. Man-made chemical treatment chemicals will have an adverse impact on the accumulation of ecosystems should not be promoted. In situ biological treatment of organic matter has a certain effect, but under normal circumstances there is no removal of nitrogen and phosphorus. Manual dosage of biological agents, it is difficult to play a long-term role, it should not encourage the use of.

Aeration of the aeration of the river water alone can temporarily alleviate the phenomenon of black-odor to a certain extent, but it can not fundamentally solve the problem and sometimes bring other negative impacts. There are pathogenic microorganisms in the black-smelly water body, forming aerosol after aeration, which can not ignore the health hazards of the surrounding residents. In the process of aeration, we must scientifically determine in what way aeration, where aeration, how to prevent aerosol pollution and other important issues.

From the above analysis of the limitations of technology is not difficult to see that the treatment of black and smelly water positioning is: "exogenous retention is the premise, water supply is the key, bypass treatment is to supplement, in situ processing is aided."

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