CNHTC successfully developed HOVA60 dump truck CNG engine dump truck

Recently, the product R&D department of China National Heavy Duty Truck Co., Ltd. developed a new type of CNG engine wide body mining dump truck based on the existing HOVA60 mine car. The successful development of the CNG mining dump truck fills the gap in the CNG new energy field of China's 60 mining dump trucks.

It is reported that HOVA60 mining truck CNG engine wide body mine dump truck, using a single-sided cab (left), placed on the right four cylinders, balance the weight of the cab, improve the balance of the vehicle performance, solve the The problem of one side being heavier has increased the safety; due to the placement of four larger cylinders on the right side, the number of cylinders placed behind the cab has been reduced—only six cylinders have been placed behind the cab. To increase the length of the large box, the use of the mine car does not have to increase the wheelbase due to the low cargo volume, which greatly improves the safety. In addition, for the first time, this type of mine car adopts a vertical muffler and is placed on the right platform. The space utilization rate is high, and the dust on the ground is not blown during the exhaust process, which greatly improves the working environment.

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CNG vehicles are automobiles that use compressed natural gas instead of regular gasoline or diesel as vehicle fuel. At present, the regions with natural gas pipeline network conditions at home and abroad are mainly developing CNG vehicles. Compared with conventional fuel engines, CNG fuels have good resistance to violence, and the anti-riot performance of CNG is equivalent to the octane number of gasoline at around 130. However, the highest octane number of gasoline currently used is only around 96, so CNG is not required as an automobile fuel additive. . Such as lead and other anti-knock agents.


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