Central government authorities reduced 1,442 buses last year

Last year, the number of official vehicles used by central government agencies decreased by 1,442, a decrease of 37%. This year, the State Administration of Management will study the issue of exposing the energy use of various departments to the public by referring to the practice of publicizing the "Three Publics" funds.

Bus fuel consumption decreased by 3.03% year-on-year

He Changjiang, director of the Energy Conservation Department of the Public Administration Bureau of the State Administration of Taxation, stated that 2011 was the beginning of the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan”. In the past year, central state agencies have successfully completed various tasks for saving energy resources. The per capita electricity consumption of central government agencies dropped by 3.28% year-on-year, electricity consumption per unit of floor area decreased by 4.32% year-on-year, per capita water consumption decreased by 5.34% year-on-year, and official vehicle fuel consumption decreased by 3.03% year-on-year, exceeding the "major energy consumption index decreased by the same period last year. 2% of the task.

In respect of official vehicles, the number of official vehicles used by central government agencies decreased by 1,442, a decrease of 37%, and they effectively demonstrated the exemplary role of taking the lead in driving savings.

The bus fuel indicator will track inspectors. In the near future, the State Administration of Management will verify the completion of the 2011 energy-saving target of the central government agencies, and conduct energy audits on the departments with a large amount of energy consumption. He Changjiang said that in the next step, it will decompose and release the department's oil, electricity, and official vehicle oil use indicators for 2012, and every quarter should track and monitor the completion of relevant energy-saving targets. In accordance with the relevant provisions of the "Regulations on the Openness of Government Information," the State Administration of Management will also refer to the practice of publicizing "Three Publics" funds to study the issue of exposing the use of energy by various departments to the public, and gradually change the working mechanism of energy conservation and resources from that of advocacy and guidance. Strengthen incentives and constraints.

The establishment of 2000 conservation-oriented public institutions, He Changjiang, said that this year, the State Administration of Management will work with the National Development and Reform Commission to implement the State Council’s “12th Five-Year Plan for Comprehensive Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction” and the “12th Five-Year Plan” for energy saving in public institutions. The Ministry of Finance initiated the construction of 2000 demonstration units for conservation-oriented public institutions. Implement comprehensive reforms such as energy saving, water saving, and new energy use in the offices of the central government agencies to achieve the transition from single or sub-item implementation to systematic advancement of energy-saving reforms. Through the creation of energy-saving pilot demonstration projects, we will promote each in a planned and step-by-step manner. Departments and all units of the construction of a conservation-oriented office area.

In terms of strengthening water conservation and comprehensive utilization of resources, the State Administration of Management will continue to promote the creation of joint water-type units in the Central Government. By the end of this year, all agencies will build water-saving units.

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