CCPC Bomeco adds new welding and cutting equipment

Recently, the HW-DHG6011 CNC flame plasma welding and cutting machine system has been commissioned. It was led by Tianjin Zhongjiao Bomaike Marine Ship Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. , and the power department took the lead. After nearly 4 months of preparation, organization and construction, it was used for sheet metal. Cutting, with CNC flame, plasma dual-function welding and cutting equipment, recently delivered for use.
The working length of this equipment is 21 meters, the working width is 5.2 meters, the maximum idle speed is 12 meters / minute, the maximum working speed is 6 meters / minute, the maximum thickness of flame cutting is 6 ~ 200mm , the thickness of plasma cutting is 1 ~ 32mm (no slag), The frame adopts the gate structure and the bilateral servo motor drive. The numerical control adopts the MicroEDGE hot cutting special system of American Hypertherm Company. The operation process of the equipment is divided into four stages of ignition, preheating, cutting and idle, and the above parts are repeated to the above automatic. The operation process, until the end of the entire sheet cutting is automatically controlled by the computer, the configuration and installation of this equipment, for the company to undertake more product manufacturing, improve the speed and efficiency of sheet blanking, providing hardware conditions.

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