Analysis of vehicle tire pressure alarm equipment

The relationship between tire pressure and spring constant In short, Toyota's tire pressure alarm system infers changes in tire spring constants based on changes in the resonance frequency of the tire, and then monitors changes in tire pressure as measured by changes in spring constants. Tyre pressure change detection principle system detection process Toyota Tyre Pressure Monitoring Alarm System detection process as shown. When working, the VSC system does not require the driver to operate on it, but responds based on actual conditions, so the driving safety of the vehicle is greatly improved. The VSC system calculates and maintains the values ​​of the vehicle's driving parameters based on the signals from the ABS wheel speed sensors of the vehicle and compares them with predetermined theoretical values, thereby issuing a warning command.

System calibration and use methods, system calibration Automotive parameter calibration refers to the adjustment of the vehicle's control parameters in order to achieve different functions such as emissions, vehicle maneuverability, vehicle performance in different environments and other indicators. In order to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the monitoring system, the system (speed sensor) needs to be calibrated. The calibration time interval varies depending on the sensor. In general, the sensors should be calibrated at regular intervals. Calibration of the sensor includes zero setting and span calibration. The calibration of the range is accomplished by measuring the maximum speed by driving a distance on a smooth road.

How to use The driver should correctly understand how to use the tire pressure alarm system. When the alarm light is on, check whether there is a puncture or tire damage. Specific methods: After the troubleshooting, the tire pressure should be initialized to set the initial value of the system. The system initialization step is to first adjust the 4 tires to the specified air pressure, and then turn on the ignition switch to the ON position, the vehicle stops on the level of the ground to confirm the warning light flashes 3 times, and finally presses the tire pressure control system located at the lower part of the driver's steering wheel. Set the switch. The setting switch is the system's check mode switch. During self-diagnosis, the TS terminal of the self-diagnosing connector should be disconnected, and then the ignition switch should be turned on. Then the system can perform self-test. After adjusting the system to normal, the vehicle should be allowed to run for more than 2 minutes at a speed of 30km/h. At this time, the system warning light will naturally extinguish.

It should be noted that when the road surface is uneven during the running of the vehicle and the impact strength of the tire is greatly affected by the protrusions, the alarm indicator will light up but extinguish quickly. The following reasons also cause the warning light to light: 1 The tire pressure changes, but the tire pressure monitoring system is not reset; 2 The tires are exchanged but the tire pressure monitoring system is not reset; 3 The system components are damaged or the circuit is bad; 4 The high speed steering Wait.

It uses the existing ABS wheel speed sensor of the vehicle to measure the wheel speed signal of the wheel, without additional components, which can greatly reduce the system cost and improve the fuel economy and driving safety of the vehicle. However, in the event of sudden danger (flat blow) or when the vehicle is stopped, the controller cannot detect changes in the data in a timely manner and the system does not provide an early warning function. Therefore, the driver should perform routine inspections on the tire. As the automotive consumer market is warming up, the safety performance of the car will be more and more noticed by consumers. The tire pressure monitoring system will eventually become the standard configuration of each car. With the rapid development of China's economy, China will set off the culmination of the development of TPMS.

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