The future development of the printer

The printer is a device that is controlled by software and uses non-contact methods to identify the product. According to the difference between the operating principle of the printer, it can be divided into three types: continuous jet inkjet printer, drop-on-demand inkjet printer, and laser jet printer. From the inkjet printer supplies used to classify: one is the ink jet printer; one is a non-ink inkjet printer (laser jet printer). In recent years, domestic inkjet printers have experienced strong growth, and some of these features have surpassed imported inkjet printers. The printer has been widely accepted by users for its wide range of applications and strong applicability.

However, the development of our country's inkjet printers is still worrying compared to the inkjet printer industry that has become more mature abroad. Probably around 2006, a large number of inkjet printer companies in our country were born. However, the capital strength of these companies is very limited, and some people rent a house. It is not difficult for us to find that these SMEs often have exaggerated elements in the publicity process. Especially in the product's performance and quality is far from the manufacturer's publicity.

At the same time, the after-sales services of printer-related companies are often unable to follow up, it is difficult to maintain the quality of maintenance. In addition, some inkjet printers are still ink jet printers. Such inks are actually poisonous and harmful substances. If these substandard inkjet printers directly print drugs, they will seriously affect the safety of patients.

With the continuous development of electronic technology, laser and computer technology are organically combined. Users can realize laser jet output as long as they are programmed on a computer. It can also spray clear logos on several materials or irregular surfaces. It has the unique effect of “a dozen double labels” or “riding marks” and is not easy to imitate. The laser can form a very fine beam, and the thinnest line width on the surface of the material can reach 0.1 mm, creating a wide space for precision machining and anti-counterfeiting. Not only can you inject complex text, graphics, images, transparent buttons, logo designs, barcodes, QR codes, product serial numbers, autographs, etc. Any graphics and text displayed on the screen can be immediately ejected onto the specified material. surface. Laser marking can also improve the appearance of the product image and brand name effect, enhance the product's market competitiveness.

The advantage of laser type over inkjet is that it is more accurate and environmentally friendly. Although ink-jet inkjet printers are now using environmentally-friendly inks, no matter what type of ink is used, they cannot be recycled, and the surface inks of different materials have different degrees of dryness. As a result, the operating time becomes longer. Laser printers have stable performance, high reliability, high speed, low power consumption, small size, and a wide range of applications. With the continuous development of science and technology, laser ink jet printers have also become a development trend.

Compared with ink jet printers, laser printers do not need to clean the print heads and frequently replace the consumables. They are more environmentally friendly than inks, and can greatly save operating costs. The marking effect of the inkjet codes is clearer, and long-term preservation is not prevented. Wiped out, its emergence has effectively solved the problem of goods picking due to unclear identification, becoming a new bright spot in the market.

"Laser marking machine" fills the gap of our online laser marking equipment, shortens the gap between China and developed countries in this field, and creates a brand-new application field of laser technology in China's flowing production line with no pause marking and engraving equipment. However, in order to truly catch up with the developed world, domestic companies must introduce new technologies and speed up technological reforms.From the current customer demand, equipment maintenance rate is low, printing speed is fast, content is more, automatic cleaning is easy, operation is simple and fast will become future coding A major trend in machine development is that for the laser printer industry, if we want to continue to grow, we must take the path of international development and synchronize with the international laser printer market, and develop new results with independent intellectual property rights. Enter commercialization of research and development.

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