LiquiForm Technology: Plastic Bottle Forming and Filling Processes in One Step

LiquiForm (Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA) has recently launched a breakthrough blow molding and filling manufacturing technology that is expected to benefit global liquid packaging manufacturers and help them save energy and reduce costs.

LiquiForm technology is a new technology for plastic bottle blow molding. It replaces compressed gas with a consumable and pressurized liquid during the plastic container molding process. LiquiForm technology can realize the plastic bottle forming and filling process in one step.

In the industry, there has long been a tendency to link blow and fill. However, it is still a two-step process that cannot be achieved in one step. The true birth of technology began in the brainstorming session in 2004 and 2005. The meeting promoted a more innovative thinking process and saved costs. Everybody puts forward a variety of different ideas, but most of the innovative ideas are intended to be applied in practice. This requires equipment. Initially, they used some spare parts to modify an old machine in order to adapt to Amcor's technical requirements. To their delight, this machine is operating smoothly.

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