Is the traditional motor energy test really accurate?

Motor refers to an electromagnetic device that converts or transmits electrical energy according to the law of electromagnetic induction. Its main function is to generate drive torque, which is used as a power source for electrical appliances or various types of machinery. The application of the motor is very extensive. According to statistical analysis, at present, China's total energy consumption is 50% of the motor energy consumption, especially in the industrial field, the motor energy consumption accounts for more than 60% of the total energy consumption.

In fact, since 2008, the government has included energy conservation in the motor system as one of the top ten energy conservation projects in the country, setting off a boom in motor energy conservation throughout the country. Including industrial, aerospace, agriculture, home appliances, water conservancy, national defense and other motor production and application fields have put forward new requirements for motor energy conservation. Then the question is: How can we accurately evaluate the energy consumption and efficiency of a motor?

New Challenges in the Test of Frequency-Conversion Motors With the development of motor control technology and users' requirements for motor energy saving, many motors have introduced the function of variable frequency speed control to achieve efficient and energy-saving operation under different operating conditions. However, due to the realization of motor speed control through the special inverter output PWM signal to drive and control the motor, the PWM signal carrier frequency of up to tens of kHz, need to use high sampling rate, high bandwidth power measurement equipment can be achieved Input power measurement of the motor.

The traditional motor test system, dynamometer, measures the input voltage, current, and power of the motor through an electrical parameter tester. The sampling rate is very low (generally around 20kS/s). According to the sampling theorem: the sampling rate > 2 times the highest frequency of the measured signal, the dynamometer cannot measure the energy of the high frequency PWM signal correctly.

PWM signal measurement, high sampling rate is the key In practical applications, in order to ensure the accuracy of the acquired signal, we generally use the sampling rate of the highest frequency of the measured signal 5 to 10 times to collect the signal. Based on this, Zhiyuan Electronics is based on the powerful design architecture of the PA series power analyzers, and on the premise of ensuring measurement accuracy, it has introduced a new high-sampling-rate power analyzer PA5000, which provides a perfect solution for frequency conversion motor testing.

PA5000 power analyzer has 2MS/s sampling rate, 5MHz bandwidth, can accurately collect the PWM signal output by the inverter, and realize the input power measurement and analysis of the inverter motor.

Efficiency measurement, synchronization is the key The PA5000 not only solves the test problem of input power consumption of variable frequency motor, but also sets a new measurement standard for motor efficiency measurement. Traditional dynamometer's input electric power and output mechanical power to the motor are measured by two different instruments, and it is impossible to achieve accurate synchronous measurement in time. Therefore, when the input and output conditions of the motor change rapidly, there is a time synchronization error between the two measurement results, which degrades the efficiency test result from the true value.

The PA5000 power analyzer integrates the motor speed and torque measurement module to achieve synchronous measurement of input electrical power and output mechanical power of the motor. The synchronization error is as low as 10 ns. When the operating conditions of the motor are rapidly changing, the efficiency test result is also guaranteed. Sex.

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