Seat Belt Performance and Considerations

Seat Belt Performance and Precautions Articles from the Technical Department of Qingdao Zhongbang Instrument Co., Ltd. Seat belts are protective articles for high-risk workers to prevent falling injuries. It consists of belts, ropes and metal fittings. According to the national standard GB6095-2009, safety belts are mainly divided into belt-type and suspended belts and ropes must be nylon, vinylon, silk material. Wrapped rope with leather, light leather, vinylon or rubber. The belt must be a full one with a width of 40-50mm and a length of 1300-1600mm. The indicators such as the damage load of seat belts, belts, and metal fittings must be inspected in accordance with the relevant clauses of GB6096-2009 "Safety belt inspection methods." The width of the belt is not less than 80mm and the length is 600~700mm. The belt contacts the waist with a soft material, and the outer layer is wrapped in a webbing or light leather with rounded edges and no corners. The color of the tape is mainly dark green, grass green, orange, dark yellow, followed by white. The safety rope diameter is not less than 13mm. Metal hooks must have a safety device. The surface of the metal fittings is smooth and free of pits and cracks; the edges are rounded; the surface must be rust proof. Accessories that do not meet the above requirements must not be installed.

Metal accessories ring, half-ring, triangle ring, 8-ring, crystal word ring, three links, not allowed to welding, the edge into a circular arc. The adjustment ring only allows butt welding. Electrical safety belt definition: protective equipment for high-risk workers to prevent falling injuries. It consists of belts, ropes and metal fittings. Electrician Safety Belts Safety Cord Definition: A tether that protects the body from falling. Electrical Safety Belt Sling Definition: The rope used for the self-locking hook must be pre-attached. Vertical, horizontal and tilt are available. Self-hook on the rope is free to move and can adapt to different work points. Buffer definition: When the human body falls, it can reduce the body's stress and absorb some of the impact energy. Differential speed controller definition: box with a certain length of rope. The rope can be used at any time during work. When falling, self-control is caused by changes in speed. Called speed differential control. Seat belt professional inspection equipment includes ZD-711 seat belt impact tester (overall dynamic load) ZD-716 seat belt overall dynamic load, static load tester ZD-717 seat belt overall slide tester ZD-719 seat belt test rubber dummy ZD-718 belt tension testing machine. These devices basically include seat belt testing items and are fully required by national standards.

Seat belts are our life support. We must pay attention to using the seat belts.

1, can not change the working structure of the seat belt.

2. In the event of a serious collision or rollover, the seat belt must be replaced.

3. If the seat belt is broken, bulged or loosely deformed due to chemical action or sunlight, the seat belt must be replaced.

4, if the seat belt metal connecting parts bent, deformation or rust, seat belts must be replaced.

5, when the use of seat belt performance is not good, the seat belt must be replaced.

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