Motor Vehicle Tire Products Mandatory Certification Implementation of New Standards

The new specification series standards for "Compulsory Certification of Motor Vehicle Tire Products" are: "Tire Vehicle Specifications, Dimensions, Pressure and Load" (GB/T2977), "Car Tire Specifications, Dimensions, Pressure and Load" (GB/T2978) and " "The motorcycle tire series" (GB/T2983) has been released and implemented. At the same time, the test method standards quoted in Annex 3 of the "Compulsory Certification Test Program for Tire Products" in the current version of the “Regulations for the Implementation of Tires for Motor Vehicle Tires” (CNCA-03C-027:2001) are integrated into “Truck Tires”. Indoor Test Method (GB/T4501), "In-house tire test method" (GB/T4502) and "In-house test method for motorcycle tires" (GB/T 13203). In order to ensure the effective implementation of the compulsory product certification system, in accordance with the relevant regulations, the relevant requirements for the implementation of the new version standards for the certification of motor vehicle tire products are announced as follows. All relevant entities are required to comply with the relevant requirements.

1. From the date of promulgation of this announcement, compulsory certification of motor vehicle tire products will be implemented in accordance with the new standard.

2. Annex 1 of the current edition of the Implementation Rules, “Division of Application Units for Compulsory Certification of Tyre Products” and Annex 3 “Compendium of Compulsory Certification and Inspection of Tyre Products” are replaced by Annexes 1 and 2 to this Announcement, respectively.

Third, the designated certification body and the designated testing organization shall comply with the requirements of the new version of the standard, and implement the differential inspection and inspection of the certified products in conjunction with the annual supervision; after the differential items have passed the test, the original certification certificate shall be issued with valid confirmation notice.

The certified tires listed in the old specification series standards but not listed in the new specification series standards can be tested after the designated testing organization implements the differential project tests according to the new test method standards and confirmed by the designated certification body. Keep the certificate according to the old specification series standards.

The new version of the standard conversion work must be completed before June 1, 2011, overdue incomplete certification, the certification body will be suspended; as of September 1, 2011 has not yet completed, the certification body will revoke its certification.

Fourth, the specifications that require new applications for certification shall be certified in accordance with the requirements of the “Regulations for the Implementation of Tires for Compulsory Motor Vehicles” and the requirements of the new edition of the standard. The certification shall be obtained before January 1, 2012.

5. For the certified products that have been delivered and put on the market before the date of this announcement and are no longer produced, no certificate conversion is required.

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