HP will introduce a system that uses only a single memory next year

PC maker Hewlett-Packard Co. plans to launch a new operating system next year. The company's goal is to be more energy-efficient and powerful than existing computer products. The purpose of Hewlett-Packard Company is mainly through the use of a new type of computer memory, rather than the two types of memory used by current computers. Bresniker, Hewlett-Packard’s chief architect, said: “The chief executive, Meg Whitman, has expanded HP’s R&D expenditures to support the project.” But he would not reveal his specific amount.
Bresniker said: "The working prototype of the machine should be planned to be launched in 2016." The main difference between the new machine and the conventional computer is that HP's design will use a single type of memory for temporary or long-term storage of data. The existing computer storage is divided into hard disk drives and flash drives. To run a program or load a document, the data must be retrieved from the hard drive and loaded into memory RAM, but RAM cannot store data when the power is turned off. The memory that HP plans to use does not have to move data back and forth, which saves time. It can also save data after a power outage.

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