Internet of things This is only based on the Internet, the hand of God, the future will manipulate all aspects of our lives

The birth of God's hand

Since the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) Summit on Information Society held in Tunis in 2005, "ITU Internet Report 2005: Internet of Things," the concept of Internet of Things has been universally established around the world.

Internet of Things refers to a network based on the information carrier such as the Internet and the traditional telecommunication network that allows all the ordinary physical objects that can be independently addressed to achieve interoperability. On the basis of equipment for ordinary objects, intelligent interconnection of autonomous terminals and universal service intelligence, the integration of "management, control, battalion" of "efficient, energy-saving, safety and environmental protection" for "all things" is realized.

The Internet of Things, a God-based hand based on the Internet, will control every aspect of our lives in the future.

See the hand of God

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology, called All - Radio Frequency Identification, also known as radio frequency identification, is a non-contact automatic identification technology that began to rise in the 1990s. At present the FRID application technology is more common are: library, access control systems, smart parking and so on.

To intelligent parking management system, for example, we often experienced in the parking lot or saw such a scene, the owner parked in front of the barrier, shake the window to obtain a parking card from the card reader, and then shake a few moments in the card reader area Barrier open, the owner drove through the barrier. This tedious and time-consuming process needs to be repeated daily, resulting in a significant reduction in traffic efficiency during rush hours.

To solve this problem, intelligent parking management system started to emerge. Based on the RFID technology, the intelligent parking management system uses passive radio frequency cards to be issued to the fixed users in the parking lot. The user affixes the monthly card to the windshield of the car. Each time the vehicle reaches the gate of the parking lot, the remote card reader judges Whether there is authorization to control the barrier automatically lift, so fixed-user vehicles do not have to pause, drove straight into.

RFID technology has the characteristics of long distance, high recognition accuracy, fast recognition, strong anti-interference ability and long service life of passive cards, which can really realize the management of toll collection in the parking lot and greatly improve the access of the monthly card users The efficiency of traffic. IOT through the simple application of RFID technology, greatly improving the quality of service and parking lot traffic efficiency.

The hand of God, the Internet of Things, is built on a simple RFID system, combining existing network technology, database technology, middleware technology, etc., to build a large network of readers and countless mobile tags, larger than the Internet Interconnection system. Through the wireless data communication network so that they automatically collected to the central information system, goods (goods) identification. And then through an open computer network to achieve information exchange and sharing, to achieve the "transparent" management of goods.

Build the hand of God

The rapid development of Internet of Things and the creation of an intelligent ecological chain of "platform + content + terminal + application" have become the next outlet for the future development of all businesses. Whether living or working, it will bring high-quality mobile Internet experience to users .

Guangdong Mobile is the largest provincial-level company in the telecommunications industry in China. As of March 2016, Guangdong Mobile has completed 250,000 base stations and achieved full coverage of the township level in the province. Large database created by the huge amount of users for China Mobile's Internet of Things to build and popularize the possibility of providing users, China Mobile's Internet of Things business technology will be the beginning of this.

The IoT cloud platform based on the 2/3 / 4G network and the OneNet China Mobile Internet of Things open platform can not only provide lifecycle management based on the mobile service itself, service status management, package tariff management, account payment management, Even business alarm handling; more able to support the possibility of massive information connection, online monitoring, data storage, business distribution based on data analysis. And these possibilities will be widely used in all aspects of life. Car networking, smart logistics, smart agriculture, mobile office, smart home, etc., Guangdong Mobile has already achieved a relatively wide range of applications in these areas. These applications will provide many enterprises with better services and products to enhance the efficiency of production and operation of enterprises.

The next 10 years, the global IOT will achieve a quantum leap in quality, the global IOT industry will show a rapidly growing desktop, billions of interconnected devices continue to emerge, so that all devices connected, Internet of Things technology will reshape our daily routine All aspects of life, all things, all things.

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