Apple launches new patent to make cell phone face up when dropped

We all know that when you drop your cell phone and watch from your hands, you will be stunned because you are afraid that its screen will face down and it will have terrible consequences. But now that technology giant Apple plans to reduce your pain, launching an invention can stop your iPhone from falling to the ground. The patent granted by the tech giant can detect when the phone is going down and flip the phone to make sure the screen is not on the ground. This idea can also be compatible with iPad and other devices. The design feature of Apple Inc. is to measure the speed at which the phone is dropping and predict when it will log in and notify the sensor on the side of the device.
The sensor calculates that the built-in motor activates instantaneously when the phone hits the ground. The effect is similar to that of a cat. Cats always try to land their feet first when they fall. And this is not all. The patent even includes a system that will pop the headphone cord to avoid damaging the connector. But integrating this idea into the current ultra-thin design can be a challenge. Of course, no one will really know the benefits and limitations that may be brought until Apple launches prototypes to users. According to industry sources, iPhones with this feature may appear within three years.

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