Detailed report on the structural functions of the parking management system

Parking Management System Features:
1. The system adopts video stream automatic license plate recognition in and out of the management system, eliminating the need to swipe in and out, effectively solving the problem of inconsistent car cards, card loss, and inconvenient card reading. Improve the technological advancement of vehicle management and improve the management of property management.
2, the system uses 2.1 million pixel network HD camera hardware automatic identification and processing license plate, the recognition rate is higher than 99.8%.
3, the system configuration strobe lights, capture automatically fill light, can adapt to a variety of weather and save energy.
4. System software can realize temporary charge or monthly card management functions.
5, system software completely independent development, can be customized according to customer needs, to meet the individual needs of customers.
The parking management system uses a 2.1 megapixel high definition license plate recognition camera integrated with a recognition rate of 99.8%. Applicable to the management of the fixed-vehicle unit of the property, with the characteristics of high efficiency of entry and exit, read-free card, a car and a card. Reducing the use of the property for more than one card occurs.
Main configuration: barrier + license plate recognition HD camera + flash + voice + display + license plate recognition charge management software.
Car parking management system structure features and functions:
1) Each license plate recognition integrated machine occupies an IP address, has a 10M/100M adaptive Ethernet port, accesses the LAN through the TCP/IP protocol, and can simultaneously access up to 253 license plate recognition integrated machines. Theoretically, it is possible to implement a LAN that controls 253 exits or entrances.
2) The license plate recognition LED display is connected to the license plate recognition integrated machine via the RS485 bus. At the same time, since the display screen can be installed on the column that supports the integrated plate recognition, the wiring is extremely simple.
3) The voice announcement system includes a voice controller and a speaker installed in the LED display chassis. The voice controller is also connected to the license plate recognition integrated machine via the RS485 bus, and the wiring is also very convenient.
4) The license plate recognition integrated machine connects the barriers through two IO switch outputs, which are used to control the actions such as lift bars and drop bars of the barrier brakes.
5) Each barrier is connected to a vehicle detector/induction coil to detect the passing, stopping, or other actions of the vehicle under the barrier rod, so as to achieve the vehicle's vehicle over-falling rod, anti-dumping vehicle, and vehicle mast stop.
6) The license plate recognition integrated machine has a built-in image spectrum automatic detection and automatic analysis program, which can automatically detect the change of light intensity in the lane area monitored by the license plate recognition integrated machine, and determine whether the change value of the external environment reaches the preset optimal recognition. Values, which automatically control the LED fill light built into the license plate recognition integrated machine to turn on, off, or adjust light, and move closer to the conditions for the best recognition of the recognition all-in-one.
7) The software front end adopts the B/S architecture and the back office uses the C/S architecture. It has the advantages of being reliable, safe, scalable, customizable, easy to maintain, and refreshing the interface, greatly improving the customer experience.
8) The management software consists of two parts: service workstation software and management workstation software.
The main functions of the service station software include daily management of the all-in-one device, day-to-day management of whitelist and blacklist users, setting of parking lot rate standards, generation of various reports, and query of reports.
The management workstation software is mainly configured at the exit. It is mainly used to satisfy the cost calculation/cost collection of temporary vehicles, the viewing of import and export camera videos, and the correction of license plate numbers of vehicles entering and leaving the vehicle. At the same time, the administrator’s computers in any LAN are The service workstation can be logged in by any browser. After verifying the administrator account, you can freely query incoming and outgoing records, charging records, etc. (you can set the user to not allow the user to modify the information).
9) The system can achieve both networked and offline operations.
The online runtime data will be uploaded in real time to meet the needs of users at any time to call information and calculate the cost at any time.
The offline runtime system can only implement automatic control of entrances and exits for fixed users, but pictures of fixed users and casual users will be stored in the device for later inquiry.
10) The system provides four triggering methods for capturing images: video stream triggering, virtual coil triggering, physical coil triggering, and software command triggering. Among them, video stream triggering and virtual coil triggering are two of the most used during system use.
Video stream triggering: The system will continuously monitor the lane after installation. When the vehicle enters and the license plate reaches the threshold set by the equipment, the software will identify the 25 frames before the threshold to obtain the accurate license plate in the lane. Information is output.
Virtual coil triggering: Whether or not the vehicle outputs the image and license plate number of the vehicle from the video stream, when the vehicle advances to the set virtual coil position, the system will forcibly recognize the 15 frames before the trigger point of the coil to compare the identification. The license plate number is obtained by obtaining the license plate information in the accurate lane.
11) The system can also set video recording and other operations at the service workstation while the license plate is being identified. Realize the video, identify the correct, meet the user's part of the monitoring needs.
12) The system adopts 12V DC weak current for energy supply, which has less energy consumption and strong anti-interference ability. It can intensify user's safety indefinitely and greatly reduce the dependence on the environment and place of use.
13) The parking management system can use the network to achieve remote upgrades and maintenance, break through equipment limitations, and facilitate user use and management.

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