VOLVO small 3CC environmental concept car put into production may be called S20

Last week, Volvo Motors made public its 3CC concept car for the first time at the Shanghai Michelin Bibiden Challenge. This is a low-emission, safe, high-grade, personalized small car. According to Daniel Vobin, director of Volvo Cars North America and head of advanced technology development at the Innovation Concept Monitoring and Development Center, young couples and families will love 3CC. If 3CC enters commercial production, logically its name may be S20. The length, width and height of the Volvo 3CC concept car are 3899, 1624 and 1321 mm respectively. The maximum speed is 135 km/h. The acceleration process from 0 to 100 km/h takes about 10 seconds, and the exhaust emissions are zero. The tapered appearance is similar to the classic two-seater sports car, with a "2 plus 1" special seating configuration, with two adults in the front and one adult or two children in the back row. This arrangement not only facilitates communication between occupants, provides a full range of vision, but also occupies the most space-efficient and aerodynamic efficiency. The 3CC concept car can travel more than 300 kilometers under certain driving conditions. Its torque/weight ratio is roughly the same as that of the T5 sedan, and it can provide abundant torque in the range of 0-3500 rpm. Under normal driving conditions, about 20% of energy can be recovered through a regenerative braking process. Volvo Innovation Concept Monitoring and Development Center Vice President and General Manager Lars Eric Lundin, 3CC's drive system can accommodate gasoline, diesel, batteries, hybrid power systems; but this time the display of 3CC is a battery For power. There is a very large space under the 3CC floor, which can hold batteries and can accommodate other power systems. Designers selected 3,000 laptop batteries for serial connection. This may be more expensive, but these batteries are readily available on the market, and the price of batteries is declining. We want people to know that our technology can be immediately put into practical use. Lundin said that heavier vehicles are relatively safe and small cars will compromise on safety. Historically, there are few small cars that are based on safety. In the 3CC design, we adjusted the structure of the small car to reduce the most vulnerable to damage. The success of the S40 and V50 can also prove that the firewall can enhance its ability to withstand damage.