Honeycle dehumidifier seires function:
In allusion to ordinary drying machine can's remove all the moisture from the plastic material and has these disadvantages such as lengthy drying time, lower eligibility rate of product, higher attrition rate and not environmentally-friendly, now one of advanced and scientific dehumidification facility will make up for all of these drawbacks which is our honeycle dehumidifier, the core part of this kind of machine is the Desiccant-wheel which is made of the higher technological material based on Swedish ceramic fiber, can provide stable and cyclical dry air with lower dwe point ranged from minus 40 degree to minus 70 degree, our self developed honeycle dehumidifier can get rid of all the moisture from the raw material during processing and saves lost of time in drying, resulting in saving energy and heightening working efficiency.

1. We select the Desiccant-wheel originally from Sweden, having strong adhesion to humidity, water washable, and have long service life
2. PLC and the touchscreen control are optional, having strong and perfect function
3. Lower dew point could reach minus 40 to seventy degrees and stable
4. It doesn't pollute your product and have higher environmental protection coefficient
5. With speedy drying capability, extremely higher energy saving effect
6. It has excellent flexibility that one honeycle dehumidifier can match mutiple drying machine.

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