Parts suppliers take the lead in starting talent localization

Recently, Delphi, the world's largest supplier of automotive parts and systems, launched a summer internship program in China. Delphi selected 46 winners from more than 700 participating colleges and universities by organizing Delphi Electronics/Mechanics/Computer Contest at four famous universities in China. They were sent to Delphi China Science and Technology Research Center and Delphi Electronics in two groups. Suzhou Co., Ltd. conducted a summer internship fully funded by Delphi. The responsible person of Delphi said that the purpose of this move is to explore and cultivate more local talents for the Chinese automobile industry. While China’s entire vehicle joint venture control power is gradually tilting towards multinational auto giants and global standard 4S sales stores are spreading across China’s major rivers, multinational auto parts suppliers are committed to establishing R&D centers and training local talents in China. The Bosch Group has announced that it will invest 50 million euros in Wuxi to build a world-class technology center. The center will be completed in 2005 and will initially employ 200 engineers, mainly in China. Valeo also announced that it will establish a global R&D center in Nanjing. The center will also focus on local engineers. The Delphi China Technology R&D Center is Delphi's first technology center in China and invests US$50 million. The first phase of the project is expected to be completed and begin operation in June next year. The first batch will absorb about 500 engineers, scientists and technicians. In 2009, the center construction was completed. By then, there will be about 1,500 scientific and technical personnel and support staff, most of whom are local talents, providing the most advanced application and system engineering support for domestic and global customers. Delphi has always focused on cultivating local talent for the Chinese automotive industry. In June this year, the Delphi-Tsinghua Research Institute (DTI) and the International Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) jointly established the Delphi-Tsinghua Research Institute-International Institute of Automotive Engineers Global Knowledge Center. In July, Delphi Group announced the establishment of its first scholarship and graduate management training program in Tongji University in Shanghai. The scholarship is mainly for students in the third grade automobile-related majors of the university and will be awarded once every autumn from this year to 10 outstanding students from Tongji University. “We hope to promote the growth of China’s automotive engineering and procurement talents through investment in talent development,” said Mr. Battenberg, chairman, chief executive officer and president of Delphi Group, during his visit to China in July. “This is also bound to It will help foster more local talents for the Chinese automotive industry and train the leaders of the next-generation auto industry for China." "China not only means a promising market, but also an elite talent pool." President of Delphi (China) Chen Jinya At the launching ceremony, the gentleman said, "In the future, these outstanding domestic university students will work with Delphi's 17,000 global engineers and scientists to provide excellent engineering and technical support to customers worldwide." Source: International Finance News