NDRC announces adjustment of domestic refined oil prices

The National Development and Reform Commission announced that it has adjusted the price of gasoline in domestic refined oil prices. A few days ago, the National Development and Reform Commission issued a notice to announce that it will adjust the domestic refined oil prices. Subsequently, the prices of refined oil products in Beijing were immediately raised. The number of gasoline from No. 93 was adjusted from RMB 3.02 per liter to RMB 3.20 per liter, up by RMB 0.18. This is already the fourth adjustment of the national oil retail price this year. In February of this year, there was an increase in oil prices in Beijing, with an average increase of 0.19 yuan, of which 93 gasoline was adjusted from 3.12 yuan per liter to 3.29 yuan, an increase of 0.17 yuan; in May and July, there were two reductions. . With this adjustment, oil prices approached the high prices at the beginning of the year.