Tiller feed mill sampling qualification rate of 90%

The General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ) recently announced the random inspection of agricultural machinery products such as cultivators, mini-cultivators, feed mills, etc. The results showed that the sampling pass rate exceeded 90%. The plough and micro-cultivation machines in four provinces and cities in Hunan, Guangxi, Sichuan, and Chongqing were spot-checked. The products involved 37 products produced by 37 companies, and the sampling pass rate was 98.5%. The large-scale production enterprises with higher market share have better product quality, and all the inspection projects have met the requirements set by national standards. The pass rate of cultivators and micro tillers was 98.5%, and the pass rate of feed mills was 97.3%.
The poor quality of the cultivators and mini-cultivators includes: 51 brand farming management machines produced by Sichuan Wuyi Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and Yihua branded paddy field cultivators manufactured by Hunan Yiyang Huazheng Machinery Plant.

The inferior products in the feed mill include: Seiko brand hanging mill manufactured by Seiko Precision Machinery Plant in Anhui, Xinhengfu brand energy-saving feed mill produced by Xinxiang Hengfu Electronic Machinery Co., Ltd. (Hammer mill Machine), feed mixing unit produced by Yongxing Breeding Machinery Plant of Puyang City, Henan Province, hammer mill mill manufactured by Dalian Lanpeng Machinery Co., Ltd., and Yinsong Brand Multifunctional Feed Crusher produced by Jinsong Machinery Plant of Hunan Shuangfeng County.

The main quality problems found during random inspections are: unqualified individual product hammer (flat tooth) hardness; individual product coating thickness, coating adhesion project failure; individual product bearing temperature rise project failed. Exposed parts without security protection, power source without shutdown device; some product manuals are not complete safety content, dangerous parts of the safety signs are not standardized, incomplete information. For the major quality problems found in spot checks, the AQSIQ has instructed various geological supervision departments to strictly follow the requirements of relevant laws and regulations, and deal with enterprises that failed the quality inspection during inspections according to law and rectify them within a time limit.