Solution to the problem of speeding up

Due to the high humidity of the air, a layer of water film is formed on the brake track of the wheel or decelerator, which causes the friction coefficient to decrease when the retarder is braked. As the wheel thickness is smaller than the standard wheel minimum, the actual opening size of the reducer may be close to or smaller than the wheel thickness, which may cause the braking force of the reducer to be invalid.

The braking force of the reducer is inversely proportional to the wheel radius. The larger the wheel radius, the smaller the braking force. Reducer braking force is proportional to the friction coefficient. When the surface of the wheel has grease and other lubricious substances, the friction coefficient will be greatly reduced, causing the braking force of the reducer to drop sharply or even to be lost.

According to the investigation of various vehicles on the scene, the probability of vehicles with thin and large wheels is currently very small, and tankers or polluting vehicles are on the rise. Therefore, to solve the problem of slipping the vehicle over speed under special weather conditions and under conditions of tanker vehicles, the possibility of overspeeding the slippery vehicle group can be greatly reduced and prevented. The reducer brake track is usually machined from normal rails. Because the surface of the friction pair is generally uneven, with a certain degree of roughness, when the force is applied, the surfaces of the two friction pairs are in direct contact with each other to generate friction, and the friction coefficient μ is greater than 0.1.

When the wheel is in the condition of oily or rainy weather, an oil film or water film forms on the brake track and the wheel surface. Since the parameters of the wheels cannot be changed, the frictional performance between the friction pairs can be improved by changing the material of the brake track, that is, a new type of functional material brake splint is designed to form a friction pair with the wheels. Brake splints of new functional materials consist of composite materials and specially designed metallic materials.

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