Lighting companies have tried water LED intelligent interconnection control system

From June 9th to 12th, the annual lighting industry event Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition (referred to as Guangzhou Lighting Exhibition) was held in Pazhou Canton Fair. This exhibition was held concurrently with Guangzhou International Building Electrical Technology Exhibition. The total scale reached 245,000 square meters, attracting nearly 3,000 exhibitors from 29 countries and regions. It is the largest lighting exhibition in the world and is regarded by the industry as The world's lighting and LED industry's weather vane.
This year's show focused on four major themes: sustainable lighting, smart lighting applications, engineering project development and integration of LED technology. The popularity of LED lighting is the focus of attention. According to the founder of the exhibition, Pan Wenbo, the current LED penetration rate in China is only about 20, and it is expected that the next five years will usher in a period of growth. At that time, the traditional lighting of China 80 will be replaced by LED lighting, and the market scale of LED lighting is expected to exceed 1 trillion yuan. Renminbi.
In the past years, the homogenization trend of LED products in domestic enterprises was more serious. This year, this situation has changed to some extent. Some well-known enterprises have begun to introduce new products with their own patents, which are considered in the design of lamps. It's not just a design with a light distribution, but also a beautiful design.
Well-known LCD panel, semiconductor lighting provider, BOE's home lighting LED products, with its distinctive bionic art design attracts many people's attention. The three series of products, including recreation, stacking and floating, include nine styles of living room, dining room and bedroom lighting. They are jointly developed by LKK Rococo Design Group, which refines the characteristics of natural animals and plants. A unique life situation.
The concept of LED intelligent interconnection is hot. At this exhibition, many lighting companies have tested the development of LED intelligent interconnection control system. From the scene situation, the decoration style of the company booth is simple and not simple; more emphasis is on selling light and shadow instead of selling products; it is no longer a simple opening and closing, but a total solution that is closely integrated with intelligent control.
On June 9th, Philips released two new members of the Hue family, the Hue light strip and the Hue bloom magic light. Both new products are available for the existing Hue app (HueApp), allowing people to set and control the lighting at home from their mobile phone or tablet. It is understood that LED itself is an ideal element to join the intelligent control. At present, three mainstream wireless communication methods, namely Wifi, ZigBee and BLE, are adopted to connect the hardware with the cloud.
It can create a bright and colorful LED intelligent interconnection system. At the Guangzhou Lighting Exhibition in previous years, the display of intelligent lighting was mainly based on international giants such as Philips and Osram. This year, we can see that domestic companies have also launched, among which BYD launched Wi-Fi dimming products based on self-developed ICs. According to Hu Zhongshun, general manager of Guangzhou Guangya Messe Exhibition, the penetration rate of the domestic intelligent lighting market is still less than 2. The application of the products is mainly reflected in the dimmable LED landscape lights, the color-adjustable temperature LED street lights and their monitoring, etc. In view of the exhibiting products, LED smart connected lighting has become a general trend.
OLED domesticization at your fingertips With the gradual evolution of lighting technology, from the evolution of traditional incandescent lamps to energy-saving LED lights, today's more advanced OLED lights are also on the show this year. Compared with LED lighting, OLED light is not dazzling, it does not require a hood to block, and it can be folded and bent for wider use.
At the scene, BOE exhibited a series of new and uniquely designed table lamps, which made many people stop and curious, such as the technologically-sound future window sill lamp, light and slim student table lamp and warm and romantic wishing tree. table lamp. The OLED itself is almost a luminaire and does not need to be used with a lampshade.
According to Quan Jian, president of the Guangdong Lighting Association, OLED can be designed into a variety of shapes, greatly expanding the application space of OLED lamps in the field of art decoration. In addition, transparency is a killer application for OLEDs that can be implemented in ways that traditional luminaires are completely unimaginable. For example, OLEDs are made on window glass, allowing natural light to pass in during the day and used as a lighting fixture at night.
Compared with the application of OLED, LED has made great progress in deepening application and market segment this year. The reporter found on the scene that an LED lamp for plant growth, which uses red and blue light, is called plant's light fertilizer, and can meet the demand for photosynthesis of indoor potted green plants. What's more, BOE launched a home plant factory. Its shape is somewhat similar to the refrigerator used in the home. It has LED lights to serve as the sunlight for plant growth. The doors of transparent LCD panels can be selected from varieties of plants and live vegetables to automatically control CO concentration, humidity and temperature. Conditions, combined with hydroponic technology, to monitor the growth of such as butter lettuce, purple rape, etc., can be called a small smart vegetable garden.
Inspired by the Chinese classical porcelain plate, the opal diffusing lampshade presents the charm of pure and pure color design such as porcelain, which can be brought back to life. In this exhibition, even a burst of LED filament hot air, LED filament light with the characteristics of nostalgic incandescent lamps became the scent of this year's show. At the booth of Hongli Optoelectronics, visitors came to witness and consult the filament lamps. This new technology, which uses LED technology in the form of incandescent lamps, can be seen as a replacement for incandescent lamps, but at the same time it is a new product of LED lighting. It can be seen from the scene that although the filament lamp has a variety of color temperature options to choose from, the exhibitor has chosen the warm color without exception, in exchange for the imminent memory of the incandescent lamp. In addition, Philips' new diffuse light effects this year can be used to render walls and embellish the home. The cute cartoon shape is so beautiful under the beautiful light and shadow.

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