Leaf area plays an important role in plant growth

Leaf area plays an important role in plant growth

The leaves are important organs for the photosynthetic, transpiration and respiration of the plants. The leaves synthesize chlorophyll through photosynthesis and the chlorophyll content of the leaves. The chlorophyll content in the leaves can be measured with a chlorophyll meter. The status of leaf growth and development is directly related to the growth and development of the plant. The size of the leaf area affects the photosynthetic efficiency and its accumulation of matter. The determination of leaf area is the basis for studying photosynthesis, material production and tree structure, and it is also the primary problem to solve the physiological and biochemical indicators related to plant leaf area.

Therefore, establishing a convenient and accurate leaf area determination method has extremely important practical value. At present, leaf area measurement methods commonly used are grid crossing method, leaf area detector method, copy weighing method, dry weight method, digital image processing method, etc. These methods have advantages and disadvantages, such as the grid crossing method is more accurate, but needs It takes a lot of time; although the leaf area detector method has fast and non-destructive characteristics, it is generally measured by a portable leaf area meter, but the dependence on the instrument is large, and the accuracy of the instrument directly affects the measurement result; and the copy weighing rule Destructive sampling and measurement are required; digital image processing method, whose measurement accuracy is easily affected by blade flatness and camera angle of view, based on machine vision technology leaf area measurement system, due to blade deformation or leaf surface overlap caused by measurement error. In recent years, the use of mathematical models to predict leaf area has become a very common method. This method requires measuring the length, width and area of ​​the leaves to calculate some coefficients related to the leaf index to estimate the leaf area of ​​other samples. At present, the regression equations for leaf area of ​​Leymus chinensis, papaya, watermelon, pumpkin and melon, cucumber, tomato, green pepper, stem lettuce, konjac, zucchini, strawberry, chestnut, radish, rice, and corn have all been studied. Estimates of leaf area of ​​different clones of Populus tomentosa have not been reported.

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