Machine tool experts recommend choosing tools that focus on productivity

"China Industry News," quoted the machine tool industry expert Zhang Hao recently pointed out that the current existence of a common problem is the low utilization of machine tools, companies need to consider how to make the machine tool to achieve its highest efficiency value, while the tool as the execution of the machine tool task, If the tool does not reach the level, high speeds will not work.

The report said that at present, many tool users pay too much attention to the price factor while ignoring the tool production efficiency. It also mentioned the experience of the cutter manufacturer Sandvik Coromant: Since the performance of the tool buyer is often measured by the ability to purchase the tool at the cheapest price, the purchaser often tries to reduce the purchase price and they must be accepted. Tools that perform better but are more expensive are more difficult.

According to reports, Sandvik Coromant's business model is a model of manufacturing economics. The model emphasizes that if you reduce the price of buying tools by 30%, customers will save 1% of the cost of parts; if you buy better tools and increase tool life by 50%, customers can also save 1% of the zero Component cost. However, if you purchase a tool with better performance to improve cutting data and speed up production (assuming a 20% increase), then you can save 15% of the cost of parts and components, which will bring more profits to customers.