Kerui Petroleum Independently Develops the World's First Instrument Mixer

[China Instrument Network Instrument Research and Development] Shandong Kerui Petroleum independently researches and develops the world's first instrument blender, which combines the sand blender and the instrumentation vehicle at the same time, and the cost is also controlled at a price similar to that of a blender. This opened up new ideas and new models for the innovation and development of the oil and gas industry in the era of low oil prices.

Recently, the world's first instrument blender, independently developed by Corey Oil, successfully delivered customers. The equipment integrates and optimizes all the functions of the blender and instrumentation vehicle to achieve one-vehicle multi-energy, reducing fracturing equipment, which was previously composed of fracturing, manifold, sand mixing, and instrumentation, to fracturing and manifolds. , Instrumentation mixed sand three models, to save customers nearly 10 million yuan in procurement costs. At the same time, the equipment has excellent performance in improving the efficiency and quality of operations, and improving the convenience of operation. It is another increase in production power of Kerui Petroleum following the launch of the monocular Mitsui high-end wellhead and integrated Swift rig in 2016.

Since 2014, global oil prices have continued to linger at low levels. The drastically reduced market capacity has made the competition among oil and gas industries unprecedentedly fierce. How to shake up the waves in difficult situations depends on the hard power of enterprises. As the world's leading provider of oil and gas comprehensive solutions, Cree Oil adheres to the concept of “technology leads the future and creates value through services” and actively deploys a global technology research and development system. It will convert customer needs into scientific research achievements at the first time to help customers continue to succeed. At the same time realize its own value. The world’s first instrument mixing sand vehicle developed this time is the product of the oil and gas equipment market demand stimulated by low oil prices, creating a model of win-win for both companies and customers, and opening up new ideas and models for oil and gas industry innovation and development in the era of low oil prices.

Innovation category, intelligent control cost enterprises only through technological innovation, management innovation can achieve cost-effective benign scientific control, simple compression of profits will only allow companies to gradually die, the successful research and development of instrument mixer sand is a good control of cost An interpretation.

According to the person in charge of the project, the revolutionary innovation of the instrument mixing truck is that while it perfectly combines the sand mixing car and the instrument car, the cost is still controlled at a price similar to that of a sand mixing car. Therefore, the corresponding transportation, Personnel and other costs will be reduced. With the value-for-money price ratio, the instrument blender car has now received attention and favor from many customers around the world.

Technological breakthroughs and improved work quality The set of sand mixing trucks has a displacement of 40 barrels per minute. The smaller the displacement, the higher the sand delivery system requirements. The lower the displacement, the lower the speed of the sand thrower, the lower the speed of the hydraulic motor will be crawling, can not guarantee the continuity of the sand, which will directly affect the quality of fracturing operations, which is plagued by the industry for a long time difficulty. To this end, Kerui Petroleum has redesigned the structure of the sand thrower, changed the diameter of the sand thrower from 12 inches to 8 inches, and reselected the hydraulic motor to ensure stable operation of the sand thrower at low speeds, breaking the mixed sand. The bottleneck of equipment development signifies that the sand mixing equipment formally entered the era of low emission.

In addition, the instrument mixing sand car has also made revolutionary innovations to the sand mixing system, converting the single blade mixing in the past to the agitating and pouring double blade stirring. The agitated blade agitation solves the problem that the dry powder chemical additive floats above the liquid surface and it is difficult to integrate into the sand mixing fluid. The addition of the top blade reduces the dependence on the operation of the bottom blade, so that the bottom blade conditionally reduces the position height, the lower the height of the bottom blade, the better the effect of stirring the bottom sand, this innovation solves the past filling of the industry The phenomenon of sand eliminates the need for artificial sand removal after construction and greatly improves the efficiency of operations.

Innovative structure optimization and adherence to the people-centered principle According to the person in charge of the project, the mixed-sand vehicle adopts a trailer-type structure. Through the optimization and reorganization of the structural modules, the convenience and comfort of the equipment operation are improved, and the body space is also greatly released.

The control room of the sand mixer has an area of ​​6 square meters. The sand control and instrument control can be completed simultaneously in the control room, which solves the operational inconvenience caused by the narrow control room area. The control room adopts a cuboid design, leaving enough space on the side of the body to facilitate the construction personnel to walk, which facilitates the inspection of the equipment. At the same time, the power system that has been closely attached to the control room is moved to the gooseneck, which greatly reduces the noise and vibration of the control room and improves the comfort of the working environment. In addition, the discharge centrifugal pump of the sand mixing equipment is used as a consumable part, and it needs maintenance before each operation, and it needs to be replaced regularly. Previously confined to a narrow working platform, the industry usually placed the discharge centrifugal pump under the operating room. Every time the maintenance required the engineer to drill into the inside of the vehicle body, the operation was extremely inconvenient, and the entire operation room was required to be replaced when the centrifugal pump was replaced. Next, using a crane to lift the pump takes a lot of manpower and time. To this end, the instrument mixer truck has optimized the structure and placed the discharge centrifugal pump on the side of the vehicle body so that maintenance and replacement of the pump body do not require dismantling of the control room, which improves the working efficiency and saves the time cost of the customer.

The ups and downs of oil prices, which are determined by the market, or whether they are up or down, are all inevitable reflections of the laws of the market. In the face of the new norm of low oil prices, Kerui Oil has constantly strengthened its own strength and sensitively captured market demand. The innovative category has launched a meter blender truck, opening up a new way for the oil and gas industry to buck the trend in the era of low oil prices. Looking into the future, the cold winter of the industry continues, but the bad environment has not frozen the excellent oil companies. Instead, it has become a good opportunity for them to stand out and strengthen their health. We also expect more and more oil companies to seize this. The historical opportunity is to create a bright future for the world's energy industry through comprehensive innovation and integration in various aspects such as equipment, technology, and services.

(Original Title: Innovation Category, Intellectual Control Costs - Kerui Petroleum Launches the World's First Instrument Mixer)