Electric Power Distribution Network Integrated High-Voltage Energy Metering Device Project Appraisal

[China Instrument Network Instrument R&D] In the overall operation of the electricity market, power generation companies, power grid companies, power supply companies, and power customers in the power market operate independently and belong to the upstream and downstream industries in the power system. Both have the measurement of electric energy and the trade settlement business. The economic relationship between them is determined by the “power metering device,” which is called “speaking.” In addition, the majority of rural residents in urban and rural areas implement a one-for-one form, and commercial and industrial customers implement the time-of-use price and concentrate. Users implement centralized meter reading, large power customers implement remote meter reading and remote monitoring, specific users implement prepaid energy meters, and large users implement installation of reactive energy meters and maximum demand meters, so the number of energy metering devices in the entire power market, The type has increased rapidly in recent years, and the content of new technologies has increased dramatically. The position of electric energy metering in the electricity market has increased significantly.

On March 16th, the project of the company's science and technology project "Integrated high-voltage electric energy metering device and its detection technology and application for distribution network" led by the China Electric Power Research Institute passed the technical appraisal organized by the China Electric Power Enterprise Association. The appraisal committee heard the technical report of the project and reviewed the relevant technical documents. It was agreed that the project achievements have reached the international advanced level. The on-site verification technology of high-voltage energy metering devices has reached the international advanced level.
The project proposed a method for tracking the overall value of high-voltage energy metering devices, developed a 35kV standard device for high-voltage harmonics influencing the energy metering, and established a broadband error detection platform for high-voltage energy, which solved the high voltage of the first and second fusion equipments in the distribution network. The problems of electromagnetic compatibility testing and the operation error verification of high-voltage energy metering devices provide strong technical support for China's power monitoring, line loss management and anti-tampering work.
The research results of the project have been promoted and applied in provinces (municipalities, autonomous regions) such as Chongqing, Hubei, and Shandong, reducing the economic losses caused by electricity theft and achieving significant economic benefits.
(Original title: A technology project led by our institute passed technical appraisal)