Common bad habits of common car keys for mass public hatchback

With the rapid development of modern science and technology, many smart technologies are constantly being used in the configuration of cars. Speaking of smart car keys, most people will not feel strange. Now every new car is equipped with a smart car. The key, one-key unlock and start the vehicle, there is no key on the key has a different role, but also brings a lot of convenience. However, the use of smart car keys on weekdays can lead to malfunctions, short circuits, etc. These should be related to the bad habits of the owner when using the car key, such as the following:


1. The smart car key used in the public hatchback car is a low-intensity radio wave, so it will lose its effect if there is a magnetic interference around it. If the mobile phone and the smart car key are placed together for a long time, because the frequency of the mobile phone may interfere with the chip in the key, it may cause the key to malfunction. In addition, if the high-intensity radio waves are received by the smart car key of the public hatchback, the battery power may be excessively consumed. Therefore, do not put the key on the edge of the computer or electronic devices such as TV dramas.


2. Don't throw the smart car key of the public hatchback at random. Although most of the smart car key shell work is a comparative explanation, some lines inside the actual car key are comparatively resistant to impact and impact. Weak, it will easily break if it encounters a violent impact. If the key of the public hatchback smart car is in the water, do not tell the car key to pick up and desperately throw out the water. This is very easy to let the water stay on the other lines. You can open the shell of the smart car key, and then place it flat, use a hair dryer to dry the water, and get a repair point to do a good job troubleshooting.

3. The battery life of the smart car key for the public hatchback can be maintained for about one year. However, because the frequency of use of each person's car key is different, the degree of damage to the vehicle key battery is also not the same. However, when the public car owners use the car keys at different distances, the consumption of electricity is also not the same. When the smart car key is used to replace the battery, be careful, if there is improper operation, it will burn out the circuit board. Before replacing the battery, the battery replacement diagram should be clearly understood. When disassembling the car key, each component must be placed neatly. The replacement battery is best to use the original key battery. Be sure to place the positive and negative poles correctly when installing new batteries.

Some female owners of popular hatchback cars will add a lot of decorations to the key of smart cars, and some male owners will hang smart keys and other large numbers of keys together. When the Volkswagen hatchback encounters bumpy roads during driving, the excessive decorative elements on the key of the car are constantly rubbing against the original elements of the lock switch and the contacts of the lock cylinders, causing the smart car key to be damaged early. Or slack components. After a long time, it will cause the public hatchback to suddenly cut off the power during the driving process, or the engine will not start sensitively.

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