BMW unmanned factory in Germany

Fieso Matt is the most important advocate and pioneer of automation products in the world. Its products are numerous, including truss and automatic feeder, bringing a revolutionary breakthrough to the automotive industry. The automation of traditional people mentioned, tend to think more of the robot, with the machine generation is now China many enterprises to automate the pursuit of goals, in fact, the concept of automation is far more than these people, instead of just one narrow hand, with 4 and 2025 China industrial automation process, as if involved in every field.

Fiso Mart automation system from single line to automation, automation, automation and production lines, in which the robot application and silo truss, truss, the production process becomes simple, greatly reduce labor costs, and ensure product quality, more important is to improve the output of the product, originally machine investment may be due to increased efficiency of automation system in place.

Fieso Matt, a debut from automation and innovative company in the development of modular production today has formed a standard, compact and flexible, is always throughout the product has years of experience in design, reasonable structure, the industry established a good benchmark.