Pioneering injection foam to stop bleeding

A groundbreaking "injection foam" device was invented to avoid bloodshed and death. The purpose of this breakthrough treatment is to prevent the loss of blood, and many deaths are caused by massive bleeding. Biomedical engineers develop new techniques that seek to be used after deep neck, shoulder, or groin injury, and traditional methods often fail to stop bleeding.

How does the bubble work? Two liquid chemicals are separately stored in the tank, and foam is rapidly formed from the ejector when mixed. Fill the wound with foam and stop bleeding for the first time until the patient can receive emergency treatment. The two chemicals are polyols and diiso, which can be stored for one year below 38 degrees Celsius.
This is part of a course of treatment for a group of eight undergraduate students at Johns Hopkins University. They came up with the injection of a foam system to prevent massive bleeding from the proximal limb wound. Such a wound can often be difficult to contain because it is difficult to find the exact bleeding point. Gauze pads and clotting agents can hardly seal wounds. In the experiment, they reconcile the gel consistency with human tissue. Although no human trials have yet been conducted, they have received approval to begin animal testing of the prototype system.


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