Multifunctional sweeper, floor sweeper, road sweeper

Product Name: Multi-function sweeper, floor sweeper

Product model number: NKR77PLPACJAY

Emission Standards: Euro III

Product Specifications: 8m3

Product Price: Electric Discussion

Functional sweeper, floor sweeper, road sweeper

The product is also equipped with three electrically-operated diaphragm pumps, which provide low-pressure water to the left, right and suction nozzles for branching. It is used to reduce dust during homework and to prevent the suction nozzles from clogging during homework.
Structural improvement Superior function of seniors: High-pressure cleaning Sweeper uses a high-tech cleaning system, which has a suction width of 2.4 meters and is almost flush with the vehicle, greatly improving work efficiency. On the top of Qingtan Road Scouring Dumpster, a diversion trough and a large area filter screen are installed to improve the end result of dust reduction, make the waste accumulate evenly, increase the effective capacity, and reduce the air resistance that occurs due to the flotation of the filter mesh. You can also choose the ordinary sweeper sweeper according to customer requirements. The cab operating platform adopts ergonomic design. All the homework operation knobs and homework monitoring instruments are assembled on the operation box on the right side of the driver. It is simple and intuitive, and the operation is convenient. When the spray bar is placed at the same time, the cleaning width is not less than 3.5m, and the cleaning width is not less than 2.9m when unilaterally placed. The system has set 6 kinds of homework mode, users can follow the homework needs, a key to start (containment) homework, operating lunch, greatly reducing the possibility of misuse. The electric pump is automatically controlled by the electronic control system and no manual operation is required. The garbage bin and the water tank are of integral structure. The water tank at the bottom of the rubbish bin tilts the bottom of the rubbish bin 120 angles to facilitate dumping of the rubbish.
Multifunctional cleaning vehicles, floor sweepers, and road sweeping vehicles are suitable for high quality and cleanliness of urban roads and squares. They are especially suitable for the cleanest road kerbs and kerbstones that are the most easily polluted and most difficult to clean. They are clean roads in cities. A revolution of the way. In order to facilitate the adjustment of the nozzle and the change of the dimension, the spray bar in the suction nozzle is designed to pull out the structure quickly, and the sweeping adopts the national patented cleaning sweeping vehicle dual-purpose sweeper, which has the anti-collision avoidance function and can clean the ground. , wash the curbstone facade.
The road sweeping vehicle integrates the functions of a sweeping vehicle and a high-pressure cleaning vehicle. While sweeping the ground, the road sweeper carries out high-pressure cleaning and brushing, and collects waste and cleaning sewage in garbage (sewage) tanks. The road surface after ISUZU's high-pressure sweeping vehicles can achieve the end result of no garbage, no dust, no stains and no sewage, which greatly improves the clean quality of urban roads and solves the international common problems of the environmental protection industry.
Dust on urban roads has a great influence on the urban environment and air quality. The traditional clean mode of urban roads at home and abroad is: cleaning with a sweeping vehicle and washing with a cleaning vehicle. However, the sweeping vehicle can only clean coarse dust on the ground and dust on the road surface. The root breaking results are not ideal; the cleaning truck cleans the road surface and causes the cleaned sewage to flow to both sides of the curb. The sediment in the sewage is deposited on the curb and dried, causing secondary pollution.

【Multifunctional cleaning vehicle, ground sweeper, road cleaning vehicle main technical parameters】

product name

Isuzu Mini Washer



Total mass


Rated contained mass


Maintenance quality


The number of passengers in the cab


Approach / departure angle


Front suspension/rear suspension


Number of axes




Axle load


Maximum speed



It can be equipped with single-layer dustbin, four-sweeping disc working device and new top loading. When standard dustbin is installed, the curb weight is 5670kg and the load quality is 1500kg; when other dustbins and tops are optional, the curb weight is 5950kg, and the load quality is 1220. The working device replaces the side protection device, and the connection between the rear lower protection device and the vehicle is bolted. The cross-sectional ruler is 50mm×100mm and 525mm from the ground.

[chassis technical parameters]

Chassis model


Chassis name

Car chassis

Trade name

Isuzu Brand


Qingling Automobile Co., Ltd.



Number of tires


Approach / departure angle


Tire specifications

7.50-15, 7.50R15, 7.00-16, 7.00R16

Number of leaf springs


Front track


Fuel type


Rear track


Emission Standards

GB17691-2005 (State III)

engine model

Engine manufacturer




Qingling Automobile Co., Ltd.






Dimensions (length × width × height)



Chassis model

Qingling NKR77PLPACJAY (State III)

Chassis engine power

kW /r/min

96 / 3400

Secondary engine power

kW /r/min

67 /3600

Full load maximum total mass



Multi-purpose sweeper, floor sweeper, road sweeping car top speed



High pressure water system







Maximum cleaning and cleaning width



Water tank capacity



Trash capacity



Optional items

Double power element hydraulic system, operation monitoring system, centralized lubrication system

In addition, this product also took the lead in initiating multiple automatic care devices, voice alarm systems, color video rear view systems, etc., greatly improving the convenience and safety of vehicle operations. The built-in high-pressure water spray bar has a constant height above ground and does not change with the load of the entire vehicle. It can achieve the best cleaning outcome, and can reduce the splash of water mist and rubbish and reduce the pollution caused by splashing.
Multi-functional sweeper, floor sweeper, road sweeping car man-machine smart operation: The sweeper adopts one-button operation intelligent electronic control system. The sweeper adopts four sweep brushes in the center and a sucker in the rear, which makes the structure of the vehicle simple and clean. High-pressure cleaning sweeping bins and water tanks are all made of stainless steel to avoid corrosion

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