Dump-type garbage truck

With a hydraulic lifting mechanism, the car can be tilted at a certain angle to achieve a dedicated dump truck that can be unloaded by its own weight. Applicable to sanitation, municipal, factory and mining enterprises, residential areas, garbage and more residential areas.
Classification: Dump trucks can be classified into sealed garbage trucks and open garbage trucks according to the types of trucks.
Uses: The sealed garbage truck is a new type of sanitation vehicle that collects and transits cleanup of transportation garbage and avoids secondary pollution. Its main features are simple and efficient garbage collection methods, good environmental protection, high vehicle utilization efficiency, and wide application to sanitation. The municipal, factory and mining enterprises, property communities, garbage-intensive and concentrated residential areas, and urban street garbage disposal all have a sealed self-unloading function, and are hydraulically operated and easy to dump.
Features 1. Sealed performance is good. To ensure that no dust or leakage is caused during transportation, this is the basic requirement for installing the top cover system.
2. The safety performance is good. The closed box cover cannot exceed the vehicle body too much, affecting normal driving and creating potential safety hazards. Changes to the vehicle should be reduced to ensure that the center of gravity when the vehicle is loaded does not change.
3. Easy to use. The roof system can be opened and stowed normally in a short period of time, and the cargo handling process is not affected.
4. Small size, light weight. Try not to take up the internal space of the car body, and the self-weight should not be too big, otherwise it will cause the transport efficiency to drop or overload.
5. Reliability is good. The life and maintenance costs of the entire closed box system will be affected.
How it works Dump-type garbage trucks work the same way as dump trucks, in that the tank can be dumped like dump trucks and dump trucks. When the garbage is loaded, people need to use the tools to pick up the garbage. When the garbage is lifted, the garbage can be directly poured out from the back of the box.

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