Drug packaging machinery will appear humanized development trend

After several years of rapid development, China's pharmaceutical packaging machinery has gone through a process from import to self-improvement to self-improvement. Today, it can be said that it has reached a small peak on the road to industry development. After the prediction of domestic experts, the future of pharmaceutical packaging machinery will appear more humane development trends.

The humanization of commodities has gradually become a selection criterion for people when shopping. Humanized design is to fully consider human physiological and psychological factors in the design process, and pay more attention to the product's convenience, comfort, reliability, value, safety and efficiency evaluation.

Ergonomics is a kind of comprehensive edge discipline, which has been widely used in product design to make product design pay more attention to human factors. Its ultimate goal is to achieve the harmony and unity of “human-product-environment”. Then pharmaceutical packaging equipment should consider human factors as a product to reduce human labor intensity, and this concept should be permeated in every detail of mechanical design, such as the level of the operating table, the rationalization of operating procedures, The visual effects of the operation interface (the degree of visual fatigue), the safety of the operation, the convenience of maintenance, and the convenience of adjustment. Because pharmaceutical manufacturers have more frequent replacement of pharmaceuticals due to a variety of factors, one type of packaging device cannot be used only for the packaging of one product. Due to the different forms and characteristics of different drugs, even if the packaging process is the same, different molds and different feeding methods will be involved. The pharmaceutical packaging equipment on the market today is less compatible and not widely applicable. It is generally a one-to-one package. Even if it can package different drugs, changing the mold is not very convenient. If the same or similar packaging machine is used to make one or more standard equipments, the parts that need to be replaced are made into basic units that can be operated independently, and connected to the host through the interface to make it become a host. Community (similar to the form of building blocks, which can be combined according to requirements), in actual application, the basic unit body is self-assembled according to its own needs. This design not only facilitates the replacement of the mold by the operator, but also greatly reduces waste, while increasing the flexibility and applicability of the machine.